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Weirdass TMNT Combo Platter #4.

In what’s by far the strangest event since the resurgence of the Ninja Toitles began, giant-sized action figures are being packaged with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III DVDs in neat windows boxes, sold at the radical discount rate of 13.99. … Continue reading

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New Article: X-Entertainment’s Freezer!

So, I cleaned out the freezer today.

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SNT, again.

SNT, Week 2030230.

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Dollar Tree, MoonPie Goodness!

Following up on the previous entry, we headed over to one of those “Dollar Tree” stores after sobbing over the loss of Easy Video. For me, the night had been way too disappointing to tack on going home empty handed. … Continue reading

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Farewell, Easy Video.

New article coming this weekend. Highlight of the week has been wrapping a project at work for LEGO and drawing inspiration from Unicron’s theme song for the background track. More on this later. The only thing important to me tonight … Continue reading

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The Son of Kong!

I had every intention of giving this one the full X-E review treatment, but I’ve gotta admit defeat: Interest has waned, and there’s no sense starting an article just because it was conceived. So forget it, let’s make it quick … Continue reading

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New Article: Book Reports. Plus Turtle Comms!

If you can believe the rumors, there might be a new, normal, regular X-E article up. Book Reports is its name, and its game is reviewing five different children’s books that for one reason or another manage to make me … Continue reading

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My Bleeding Eyes.

Everything seemed fine when I got back to work this morning. This being the first day back after a two-week vacation that felt like an eight-month vacation, my natural paranoia had seeped in just after Christmas. I knew I hadn’t … Continue reading

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