Holiday Lucky Charms …From 1994!

It’s Christmastime. Actually, it’s just about Christmas as I write this, and man, the holiday sure was sneaky this year, creeping right up on me from out of nowhere as I scramble through my gift checklist and my dirty clothes and my Advent and Advert Calendars and wonder how the entire season seemed to fly by without much noise. Oh well — at least I’ll have my Christmas Story marathon and my stupid presents and that big wheel of sushi my sister buys every year.

As I’ve mentioned a thousand times, we’re in the long process of moving to a different apartment, which is an amazingly difficult task for such packrats. Finally got up to grouping and boxing together my insanely vast collection of cereal prizes, and while it on one hand reminds me that I really want to start that subsection up again, it also presented a dilemma, as there’s no way I could let the Christmas season slip by without covering the beauty shown above — a sealed CANISTER of Holiday Lucky Charms cereal, from 1994. If I used forums and forum administrators told me to pick an avatar that best describes my soul as a whole, I’m pretty sure this big log of Christmas cereal would get nod. The cylindrical containers popped up every so often, with the crayon tip-shaped top making them double nicely as coin banks when you were done plowing through breakfast.

While Lucky couldn’t go through with actually calling this a “Christmas” cereal even back then, there can be no doubt that that’s what it is. Look at those pretty lights — there’s only one “holiday” that gets those pretty lights. What served only as a month-long promotion could’ve been a bit more than that, because if I had seen this particular package of Lucky Charms cereal under the tree on Christmas morning, I wouldn’t have felt at all ripped off. I’m not saying it could take the place of a new bicycle or a video game system, but had my parents placed this particular package of Lucky Charms next to the “big gift,” I’m honestly not sure which of the two I’d have paid more attention to. On one hand, I wouldn’t have gone back to school the following week and brag about the cereal I got, but on the flip, I probably would’ve let it slip and get punched in the gut over it anyway.

As is customary for any Lucky Charms cereal meant to celebrate a specific event, the marshmallows have been updated to reflect the holiday at hand. Check out the six hot entries, including candy canes, snowmen, presents, bells, stocking and Christmas trees. Oh you damn right — Christmas trees. Because the cereal baggie was sealed, inside a heavystock cylinder that was also sealed, it all looks and smells so fresh that I’m tempted to go find some ten-year-old milk and have myself a bowl of merry. But I won’t. Because I’m chicken.

The arguable best part of the deal? This particular package of Holiday Lucky Charms came with not one, but two cereal prizes, tucked neatly away in the special plastic topper. And they weren’t junky prizes either, no sir. First up was a small tub of Sparkling Play-Doh, which is quite literally regular Play-Doh rolled around in sparkles. Just to make it all tie together, the Play-Doh was Christmas green. While the second prize didn’t associate with Christmas by color, it’s tough to look at a sealed package of Life Savers “Gummi Savers” and not think it’s the 25th of December. I’m in love with this cereal. It’s nice to have a little romance going during the holidays.

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  1. Tigerfan says:

    Great calandars, am I the only one up this early to review for X-mas Eve?

  2. TommyDay says:

    Nope, I’m up too. I just reviewed Home Alone 2 on my blog. Yeah…I’m bored.

  3. Chris Martin says:

    JLAJRC- Happy Birthday! I’m waiting until after X-mas to get the Sin City recut.

    Speaking of which, have you guys heard that Quentin Tarantino is going to recut Kill Bill into one long film and re-release it and THEN release a dvd version with all the bells and whistles.

    I hate these multiple version DVDs. I really hate them. Not that I have to have every last bonus feature of my favorite movies, but entirely new cuts? Damn it! I blame George Lucas.

  4. Chris Martin says:

    Dammit. My connection freaked out and posted that comment 100 times (yeah-it was the connection, not my error). Feel free to delete.

  5. Dr. Acula says:

    That Holiday Lucky Charms is pretty sweet… and I don’t even eat Lucky Charms.

    Maybe it’s just me, but it doesn’t feel like Christmas yet. The calendars help a lot, but I guess I need snow, which came earlier this month but probably won’t return. Rain isn’t that festive.

    But, Merry Everything to all.

  6. mandy 80's phreak says:

    There is one xmas special that bears mentioning, make that 2. The night they saved Christmas, starring Art Carney as Santa, and Jacklyn Smith as the wife of an oil tycoon who wants to drill for oil in the N orth Pole. My husbands favorite xmas memory and dam near impossible to find except on ebay for 4O bucks (guess what his xmas present is) The other is Emmett Otters Jugband christmas. A wonderful Jim Henson project narrated by Kermit, now readily available at all retail stores for 15 bucks

  7. onslaught86 says:

    Seasoned Greetings, the lot o’ you. It’ll be christmas here in about quarter of an hour. See you all on the flipside.

  8. Mystie says:

    Dude, mandy, I recently got Emmett Otter for the tender price of $5 after mail-in rebate.

    I’m up early, but I don’t know if I should pump out any more reviews. I imagine I could, between the stuff I downloaded off and my collection there’s a ton of Christmas Specials to be watched. I encoded like 10 onto a compilation DVD and sent them out to my friends with their Xmas cards. Lavie’s gonna go apeshit when she finds out I sent her The Christmas Raccoons. Bwa ha ha ha ha…

    Furthermore… OMFG ITZ CHRISTMAS EVE!!!!!1!11`

  9. Rhino says:

    Mandy I *LOVE* The Night They Saved Christmas. Oh yes, I do heart it so very much. It’s such a wonderfully awful movie, and I have such great memories of watching it growing up. Always wanted that cool robot they got at the end…

  10. dohopoki says:

    Speaking of which, have you guys heard that Quentin Tarantino is going to recut Kill Bill into one long film and re-release it and THEN release a dvd version with all the bells and whistles.

    It’s a good thing I don’t like Kill Bill or else hearing this 4 times would really make me want this.

  11. master of all tings giggle worthy says:

    woah my godit’s totaly christmas right now where i am ^^ i wouldnt usualy give a shit butive been up for
    around 26 hr reading that bitner epic and just spent the day eating chokolate hehehehehee. i like
    rice *plooooo

  12. Cameron T. says:

    Christmas Eve here. Still haven’t gotten all the presents….Time for a shopping spree. Have to go to church tonight and in the morning, too. We’ll open our presents after church. So much for the magical morning rush….

    I just wanted to say thanks for doing the Advert and Advent calendars again, Matt…they really are part of my Christmas traditions now…I hope you realize how many people you made happy this Christmas through silly Playmobil and Lego fun.

  13. squee4242 says:

    Merry Eve, all!
    I’m kinda bummed…I don’t have many presents under the tree, basically just the one from my sis since Mom and I are going in on a new laptop and we haven’t picked it yet. Last night I had a terrible premonition that whatever my sister had sent was a DVD set I already had, so I made my homeslice open it and of course I turned out to be right (Lost season one, though I was actually thinking it was going to be MST3K). So now I’ve got no gifties, but better to know now than tomorrow morning, I guess.
    Thank God for the Advent and Advert and everything Matt does all year and all bloggers around the world. Dunno what I’d do without ya.

  14. schroeder says:

    Lori, if you get a chance to read this far, i totally understand. i’ve kinda been waiting for a ring too. me and the man opened our presents last night, and he told me he still had one more to give me, but i would "have to pick it out." i tried to be casual, as i asked what else he was getting me…

    a dresser.


    as you can see, learning how to bold was one of the best presents i got this year. thanks, rosella, for having the balls to ask how, i always felt too dumb.

    and yes, i echo everyone else when i say, thanks so much, matt, for making this year’s christmas rock. i only found you a few months ago when looking for pictures from the great pumpkin, so this is my first year of extreme christmas joy, and advent calendars, and mare, and all… but it’s been a major highlight for me. you are the coolest person i’ve never met. lori and lisa marie are a close second, but i cant get all crazy with people that just comment on a blog. i have a real life to live too.

    merry christmas to everyone and i hope none of you get any new "worst christmas ever" stories this year. love you all!

  15. Muppet Baby says:

    Merry Xmas Eve, all! I wanted to tell all bloggers that I think of you guys on this day, and for the entire Xmas season- XE has become a holiday tradition, as opposed to just "that website I read everyday!"
    I am off to eat an insane amount, watch "Christmas Story" and "National Lampoon’s Xmas Vacation", drive around to look at lights and then go to bed to wait for Santa. Yup, I am glad things don’t change at my parents’ house and that I am not in Korea for Xmas this year!
    Have a very merry one!

  16. kingklash says:

    Holiday salutations to Dr. Acula, and his erstwhile assistant, Nurse Feratu.

  17. ethan says:

    I must say you’ve really a nice collection of such gifts.

  18. shii says:

    Dude, those presents rock. Presents you get in cereal boxes today are so crappy.

  19. nickR. says:

    what’s that lucky charnms can and what that wird play-doh clay!

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