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Advent & Advert!

Look up.

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A 2 A.

As you can see, we’re gearing up for this year’s Advent & Advert Calendar features. (Thanks to Brian for working on the design, even though he’s a miserable Kraut and I hate hate hate him.) For those who don’t know, … Continue reading

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The Peeps Christmas Tree Decorating Kit!

I felt dumb for skipping out on Black Friday as I’m probably in the minority who enjoys the insanity, so tonight, we went out for a bit of Black Saturday, which is kind of like Black Friday, only with half … Continue reading

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Black Friday?

I chose to skip, but looking at the circulars…boy, there were some mighty fine deals out there for Black Friday. On the other hand, during my choosing-to-skippage, I’ve read at least a dozen articles online about fights breaking out on … Continue reading

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And here you thought I forgot about you. I totally did not — I just had zero time and hated every second of having zero time, but the review is done, at the zero hour. Get your Turkey Day Hooray … Continue reading

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The Saturday Night Thread.

Wow, that’s some kickass string of replies you guys put together for the last survey. We usually don’t see that kind of holiday jubilation until like, the second week of December. I think you deserve a prize. This is, of … Continue reading

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Christmas candies & the dolphin dream.

Dream Diary: I have no idea where this one came from, but it feels like it had to have some special meaning that some dream dictionary will be able to explain to me. Apparently, I had purchased, or inherited, or … Continue reading

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Turkey & Gravy Lip Balm?

The clothing situation had hit the point of no return, with me literally regurgitating the two sweaters I own every other day of the week, keeping them clean and tidy but nonetheless confident that I’ve been building a solid reputation … Continue reading

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It’s Saturday night. And the mood is right.

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The Nerds Christmas Fun Book.

Well, I knew going into work today that it was going to be a long, bad day, and indeed, it was a long, bad day. We all have ’em, but you’ll have to pardon me when I say that my … Continue reading

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