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Happy Halloween, 2005!

Happy Halloween, FREAKS. Hope everyone has a good one. If you’ve got any interesting stories, post ’em in the comments. I’ve only got a second, because we’ve gotta fill about three dozen Ziploc bags with all the candy leftover from … Continue reading

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SNT: Halloween Edition.

SNT: Halloween Edition. Let’s get spookdafied.

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Halloween + Yogurt = TROUBLE!

Halloween and dairy products are at it again with the new spooky edition of Yoplait Go-Gurt, now arriving with tiny 3-D glasses and collectible monster cards. So, now that we’re like a hair away from the big day, does anyone … Continue reading

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HEY! Tonight. 8 PM. ABC. It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Do your freakin’ part and watch the freakin’ show.

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Peep, peep peep peep. Peep, peep peep. Peep peep peep peep peep peep, peepy peepy peep, peeps, peep peep peep. Peep, peep peep PEEP peep peep peep PEEP peep peep. Peeb? Peep peep peep? Peep. Peep peep peep peepin’. Peep … Continue reading

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Halloween Kid Cuisine!

That “DVD TV” shit AMC did with the original F13 flick…THUMBS UP. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, AMC just ran the original Friday the 13th with the lower third of the screen blocked off for a running … Continue reading

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CinnaScary Apple Jacks!

Late as usual, but the newest addition to the Halloween Countdown celebrates the one and only new spooky cereal I could find this season, Cinnascary Apple Jacks! The familiar cereal bits have now been graced with the addition of cinnamon … Continue reading

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Blueberry Beer! (Salem Part III)

So ends the Salem Series with Part 3, which is about beer or about food or about something else. I dunno, I just wanted an excuse for the animated blueberry beer image. You’ll see. You’ll wish you were drinking along. … Continue reading

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The Salem Witch Dungeon Museum.

Just wanted to point out that Garfield’s Halloween Adventure hasn’t lost a friggin’ step. One of my friends brought his laptop to Salem, and for God knows what reason, he actually had the film saved somewhere on his porn-ridden desktop. … Continue reading

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X-E in Salem, Part I!

The last blog entry, which eventually morphed into the Saturday Night Thread, makes me fear not being here for any future Saturday Night Threads. I mean really. Just got back from a little vacation in Salem, Massachusetts. The town of … Continue reading

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