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The “What Do You Dig?” Survey.

What happens when you’re toasted and armed with markers? More Ghost With The Most comics. Survey: Name five things you enjoy that most other people don’t. And let’s refrain from hilarious gag entries. Play it straight and she’ll be your … Continue reading

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A couple of people who remembered my fascination with the cryptozoo e-mailed in to tell me about the recently spotted giant squid, and now that I look, some of the bloggers here were talking about it, too. Being a squid … Continue reading

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Rue McClanahan in… The Wickedest Witch!

Got a good one for you tonight. In 1989, Rue McClanahan fulfilled the naughtiest clause in her Golden Girls contract by starring in NBC’s The Wickedest Witch, a very rare Halloween special that only aired once, maybe twice. It’s thirty … Continue reading

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The Jones Soda Halloween Collection!

Okay okay, you can stop e-mailing me, I got them I got them. Exclusive to Target, it’s the Jones Soda Halloween Collection, a series of four fine soft drinks ranging from “Caramel Apple” to “Candy Corn,” and yeah I’ve probably … Continue reading

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WHO Let The Dogs Out?

Another Saturday, another All Day Saturday Thread. Chat away. When this baby hits 88 comments per hour…blah blah blah. Click either of the above to watch…they’re mine.

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Mountain Dew Pitch Black II!

Well, it’s about time. I’d known about Mountain Dew Pitch Black II, the sequel to last year’s spooky soda, for over a month now. Couldn’t find it anywhere until last night. I was starting to get eBay-level desperate, and yes, … Continue reading

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Duracell + Dracula = Duracula!

The reason I’m posting this later than usual goes a little something like this: I’m noticing it. I’m seeing it from the prison window of my long bus ride into work every morning, here and there, on walks, in cars, … Continue reading

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New Halloween Candy For 2005!

What you see above is York’s contribution to the Halloween season, the York Peppermint Batty. That’s right. Batty. That’s aight. You and I appreciate things like Peppermint Batties, and in turn, the Halloween Countdown entry for September 21st examines six … Continue reading

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Living Nightmare Monster Lab Dracula Kit!

It’s a Halloween Countdown Tuesday! The Living Nightmare Monster Lab promises artists of the ghoulish persuasion the chance to paint and worship their own half-sized Dracula head! It’s the Halloween project for the thoroughly half-interested — a completely easy but … Continue reading

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X-E Halloween Art Contest Results!

Ready for another crazysexycool week of Halloween Countdowning? I’m not. Thankfully, 31 X-E readers sought to make the Monday entry easy on me with the Halloween Art Contest Results. Great, great entries from everyone. Congratulations to Meghan, our grand prize … Continue reading

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