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Tuesday Update?!

I’m getting pretty tired of seeing the blog updated only during the weekends, so I can imagine how some of you might feel. So look! Tuesday update! Don’t really have much to say, but…TUESDAY UPDATE! Oh yeah, I updated the … Continue reading

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Mountain Berry Punch Kool-Aid! (Cereal, too!)

Buncha buncha updates. First up, the Kool-Aid Section inducts Mountain Berry Punch, one of the true powerhouses of the lot. I can’t say it’s a must-have favorite of mine, but I appreciate that it is for many of you. Dig … Continue reading

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Back from Toronto…

EDIT: Group 013 of The Cereal Prize Project has been posted. Finally home. Toronto was great — the city is insanely clean compared to what I’m used to, and the people I was working with refused to believe that it … Continue reading

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In the doghouse again…

This weekend, I saw The Omen for the first time, curious because a bunch of friends had been talking about the remake. You know what? I dug it. Definitely dug it. It’s not the kind of digging/dugging that would inspire … Continue reading

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Just another manic Sunday.

Ahh! I passed out from over-wineage early yesterday. We’ll have to do our next Saturday Night Thread next Saturday night, yeah. Meantime, here’s the All Day Sunday Buffet Super Special Thread. I’m trying to make up for it, see?

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Nowhere to run.

Over the course of the next seven days, I’ll be assisting on a shoot starring six professionally trained dogs, traveling to Toronto to the first time, and working extensively with interactive Furby dolls. I’m kind of digging my job right … Continue reading

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Ghoul-Aid and Friday the 13th: Part 2!

As mentioned in the previous thread, I went to the drug store today and found no less than Halloween Popcorn Balls. It’s starting, and I am thanking God. Let’s celebrate the upcoming unholiness by busting out the spookiest Kool-Aid of … Continue reading

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Games In Pens!

Strange, stupid little article for you today, and it’s all about Games In Pens. What are Games In Pens? Classic board games and other much-loved toys, miniaturized and stuck on pens! I picked up eight different this weekend, from Pop-O-Matic … Continue reading

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Saturday Night Thread, Again.

Yeah, so I’m about to settle in for a seven hour focus-fest to get the next article done. Meantime, here’s your Bored Saturday Night Thread. If time permits, the Midnight Movie will be Halloween 6. Chat away.

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