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Great Bluedini Kool-Aid!

The computer that I called home broke last March, and since then, I’ve been stealing the woman’s comp to do my site-related things. Finally got around to buying a new comp, so whatever I’m doing next weekend for the site … Continue reading

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Saturday Night Thread. You know the drill.

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I miss Castle Dracula. :(

Loads of new Two new things for you. First up, my long overdue tribute to the Castle Dracula ride of Wildwood, New Jersey. The legendary amusement went down in a 2002 fire, souring a million memories for a million people. … Continue reading

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Back in Toyfare…

I’m back in ToyFare with issue #97, with two stories in their Monthly Rag section — one about new toys from NECA based on The Ring, the other about Comedy Central’s brilliant action figure based ad campaign for the new … Continue reading

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Beam me up, Goddy.

Couple of folks passed away this week that I’ve always been fond of. James Doohan of Star Trek fame, regardless of what you thought of his character, was just an awesome human being — so gracious and giving. Through reading/seeing … Continue reading

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Berry Blue Kool-Aid!

The Kool-Aid Section inducts Berry Blue, one of the most-missed of the `80s-era flavors — partly because it was yanked off store shelves not because we didn’t drink it, but because dumber kids got the idea to drink windshield wiper … Continue reading

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Boba Keane?

Thought this was pretty funny — finally got around to reading last Sunday’s comic section of our newspaper, which miraculously survived nearly a full week without getting thrown out, pissed on or doodled over during phone conversations. While most of … Continue reading

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Lovin’ the fuzz worms.

When I was very, very, very, very, very young, my favorite toy was tied between those little slimy figures found in A Bad Case of Worms, and the thing shown above — another worm. I swear it’s a coincidence; I’ve … Continue reading

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A Call for Commercials!!

Okay, I’m trying to be a bit proactive with the coming Halloween and Christmas seasons, so I’m going to put the annual message up early and a bit more often: If you’ve got old holiday specials taped on VHS with … Continue reading

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Mildly Interesting ’80s Print Ads!

Grab your drink, grab your junk, grab a chair and relax — this is a nice, long one for ya. A bunch of the greatest print ads of the `80s, pulled from children’s mags ranging in topic from He-Man to … Continue reading

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