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The Cereal Prize Project: Group 010!

And the Cereal Prize Project grows to Group 010, bringing our ever-growing count of reviewed-prizes over 40. This lot contains just three — a Monster In My Pocket super-prize, animal rubdowns that aren’t as sexy as they sound, and a … Continue reading

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Cereal / Kool-Aid Update.

In case you didn’t see the big glaring Polaroids on the main page, Group 009 of The Cereal Prize Project has been posted, along with Man-O-Mango-Berry joining the Kool-Aid Section. The “hobbies thread” in the previous entry is worth checking … Continue reading

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INCREDIBERRY! And what are your hobbies?

The All-Day Saturday Survey Thread: Heya folks, it’s 1 AM. I’m up. Gonna be up all night. Gonna be Rhonda Shear. Working on a couple of site-related things right now, including a new Kool-Aid review, which got me to thinking … Continue reading

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Twenty-year-old Raspberry Bubblicious.

Group 008 of The Cereal Prize Project is online, with everything from a twenty-year-old pack of Bubblicious to an ink stamper that hates money. I’ve got a question from the Jersey Shorians out there, if any are reading: Have you … Continue reading

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Herbie Lohan.

I’m guessing by the suspicious amount of young Lindsay Lohan enthusiasts littered around my building this afternoon that she must’ve been on Total Request Live. Everyone in the horde outside was holding up fancy Herbie: Fully Loaded signs, which got … Continue reading

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Jason, Smurfs and Pikachu at the 2005 Licensing Show!

Like every other company in a position to license out some character, show or concept, Nick had a booth at the 2005 Licensing Show, so our entire group was granted access. I trekked on down during the afternoon hours, and … Continue reading

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Dunk-A-Balls Cereal!

Haven’t seen Batman Begins yet, but I’ve read about its “disappointing returns” at the box office, “disappointing” stemming more from the fact that it cost so much to make. Worst part is, what everyone’s calling the best parts have nothing … Continue reading

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Kool-Aid/Cereal Update.

Hey folks — Decided to spend my X-E time this weekend polishing the new sections, starting with a start page for the Kool-Aid Section. Also, the section’s been beefed up with one of the holier flavor reviews, this time for … Continue reading

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Why is Matthew Lesko standing ten feet away?

Went to lunch with a friend today, and when I step outside, THERE HE WAS. None other than Matthew Lesko himself — the original Riddler — assaulting light-stopped cars with a cameraman in tow, evidently filming footage for a new … Continue reading

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The Time Machine Buying Something Yeah Survey.

Party like it’s 1999 with Group 004 of the Cereal Prize Project, including two new premiums from General Mills — Y2K pennies, and the end all be all tell all detergent all: “Millenios,” the only cereal on the market that … Continue reading

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