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X-Entertainment’s First Horror Convention!

Hello all! Hope you’re enjoying your day off. There’s a new article in town — a massive two-page photo-essay on my first experience at a Horror Convention! We had a great time — met Betsy Palmer, made Betsy Palmer sign … Continue reading

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X-Entertainment in Stuff Magazine!

Working feverishly on many things at the moment, but wanted to mention X-E’s latest journey off the Internet. In the July issue of Stuff Magazine, check out the “Hit List” section for a nice little blurb about my Worst Game … Continue reading

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I’m sure you’ve all been waiting with baited breath to find out what I thought about Sith. Yeheh. Gotta be honest: I didn’t love it, and for the first few minutes after leaving the theater, I wasn’t even sure I … Continue reading

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The Revenge of the Sith Discussion Thread…

Consider the comments field for this entry your discussion thread for Revenge of the Sith. Those wanting to avoid spoilers should be careful while scanning through. I’ll be seeing the flick tonight (passed on the midnight opener knowing that it’d … Continue reading

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The “Darth Dew” Star Wars Slurpee!

I got my ticket! Revenge of the Sith opens this week, sure to trigger millions of bittersweet moments as Star Wars fans young and old embark on the almost-certainly last-ever big screen debut for the franchise. It doesn’t matter how … Continue reading

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Clarissa Explains Most Of It.

Sorry for the incredible lack of updates lately. I feel like I say this too much. But you understand, because you have no choice but to understand. Not understanding will only make your hands and feet explode. The good news: … Continue reading

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Purplesaurus Rex Kool-Aid Tribute!

Sorry this is so late…been a hectic few weeks. You’d never guess it from looking at this site, but summer is coming — and what better way to usher in hot weather than with a big, prehistoric glass of Purplesaurus … Continue reading

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Star Wars “Lava Berry Explosion” Pop Tarts!

Currently working on an article, but just remembered that I wanted to show the world the new Star Wars Pop Tarts — “Lava Berry Explosion,” in tribute to the setting of Anakin and Obi-Wan’s fateful duel. It’s one of the … Continue reading

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I met the Kool-Aid Man.

While at an editing facility today for a voiceover record, an older voice artist by the name of Frank Simms was doing his thing in the next room. We were introduced a few minutes later — really energetic, manic kind … Continue reading

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Yesterday, I snuck outside for a quick cig, and who was standing there but none other than current WWE champ and probably the only guy in the world who can make the public think highly of Stacker 2’s energy drinks, … Continue reading

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