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The Growing Beast Experiment Rages On!

Thanks for all the feedback on that House article! It’s not quite over yet, though. This weekend, a vaguely related part two. No, it won’t be more descriptions of dead bugs or graveyards, but rather a rundown of the insane … Continue reading

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X-E goes Upstate! X-E buys a Vader doll!

Here’s that trip report I promised — a visit to my friend’s creepy old vacation home in Delhi, New York. On the outskirts of a farm town, the place is in the middle of nowhere, plagued with ghost stories and … Continue reading

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Pac-Man Lotto & The Great Growing Creature Experiment.

Strolled on down to Midtown Comics today to pick up eighty copies of the ToyFare mag I did the Family Guy thing for, and the feature looks, pun alert, freakin’ sweet. I’m exaggerating on the eighty copies bit, but not … Continue reading

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McDonald’s Bacon Bits from 1987 on 4/20.

God, it’s beautiful out tonight. Makes me want to run outside and eat an eighteen-year-old package of bacon bits. Don’t ask me how I got it, but to your left is a package of complimentary McDonald’s bacon bits from 1987. … Continue reading

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Ninja Turtles Eggs, and I’m back in ToyFare…

Remember my little contributions to ToyFare Magazine a while back? Well, we’re at it again — checks your newsstands for issue #94, featuring Freakin’ Sweet, my hand-picked list of 101 Family Guy trivia bits, in-jokes and blink-and-you’ll-miss-it gags. The goal … Continue reading

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I saw Saw.

Ayyyy. Sorry about the lack of a new article this past weekend — I was outta town. The plus side is, I’ll be writing about where I went this weekend, so you get a trip report. You love trip reports. … Continue reading

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Real Ghostbusters Ecto-Plazm!

We’ve seen plenty of slimes plenty of times in our journey together, but for those new to the track, let’s review: The Masters of the Universe Slime Pit, The Masters of the Universe Slime Pit Instruction Manual, The New Masters … Continue reading

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I’m wearing Doc Ock’s arm.

I’m wearing Otto’s arm. While “Hulk Hands” and “Thing Feet” may forever lead the pack as far as the coolest wearable Marvel Comics toys go, the “Doc Ock Arm” is a nice bronze medal. Though the decision to make Doctor … Continue reading

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Smurfs Stuff!

I’ve had this box of Smurf-related toys and collectibles collecting dust and being the straw that breaks the camel in half and prevents me from being able to shut one of our closet doors laying around for months, and I’m … Continue reading

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The Star Wars Midnight Madness Mega Event!

Wow, the last post on here turned out to be prophetic. I found out on Wednesday that the Toys ‘R’ Us in Times Square was hosting a special version of the Midnight Madness event — the night where toy stores … Continue reading

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