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I’ve only recently started watching Carnivale (by recently, I mean as in the week before the season finale), but I spent a day out sick from work yesterday sitting through the entire second season. In what began as an attempt … Continue reading

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X-E Loves Sharkleberry Fin Kool-Aid!

Merry Easter! And what better way to celebrate than with the Ultimate Tribute To Sharkleberry Fin Kool-Aid! Yes, Kool-Aid is my latest obsession, something I’m not very proud of but totally welcoming of it all the same. I’ve decided to … Continue reading

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Working on an article now, but as it’s not Easter related, I wanted to wish all who celebrate it much lamb leg and dyed egg. Speaking of which, if you’d like to share your Easter Egg masterpiece with your fellow … Continue reading

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The Ultimate `80s Sticker Collection.

Can’t believe I managed to get this done during the week, but guess what: A new article, during the week! I picked up this insanely odd (but definitely interesting) Sticker Collection a while back, featuring plenty of old favorites, from … Continue reading

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The Ninja Turtles Easter Egg Value Pack!

As mentioned, Toys ‘R’ Us now considers Easter the most important holiday of the year, and they’re celebrating with more candies, more baskets and more SPRING SALES than anyone scheduled to die within the next fifty years could count. It’s … Continue reading

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Here is my inevitable review of ToyBiz’s “Thing Feet,”, a new Fantastic Four toy that challenges Hulk Hands to a damning duel for the title of best toy ever. I’d heard of them already, and while they didn’t surpass my … Continue reading

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Shamrock Shakin Mah Head.

Yesterday: A few work buddies and I spent our lunch break scouring every McDonald’s in and around Times Square in search of the elusive you-know-what — the Shamrock Shake. When I proposed marriage to the seasonal treat during last year’s … Continue reading

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Music Survey

Kingklash suggested this one: Name a musician/group you hate, but can’t help liking one of their songs. Readysetgo.

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More Commercials of the `80s!

Well, hello there. Long time no see. As a reward for your loyalty, I present another fine batch of `80s Commercials, including everything from a Mr. T doll to a radio controlled inflatable Hulk. Fer real. I’ve done this ten-commercials-in-an-article … Continue reading

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