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C-3P0 reads X-E!

So, guess who read that article on C-3P0’s Cereal? C-3P0. No, really. I got an e-mail from the guy who runs Anthony Daniels’ site, telling me how happy he was to see that another soul had a box of the … Continue reading

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Milton Bradley’s FIREBALL ISLAND!

Yay, done. Sorry, had some siiide business going on and it had to take precedence, because I wanted a reason to use the word “precedence.” But now I’m here, and we are one again. Bet you thought it’d feel more … Continue reading

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Sideshow, they make a great Jason(s) no?

Geez, you’ve gotta get to checkin’ widdese. Sideshow Collectibles has graced the world with a shitload of amazing 12″ dolls from the Friday the 13th series, and normally this wouldn’t be that big of a deal for me, but they’ve … Continue reading

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Babes in ToyFare.

Haven’t mentioned this before, but you can catch some of my words at your nearest newsstand, assuming they carry ToyFare Magazine. I was contacted to help out on a small bit for their “Best Ever” feature (covering the best of … Continue reading

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The Gags & Pranks Extravaganza!

Gotta admit, I didn’t think I’d finish this on time. On the boardwalk of Atlantic City, and the same shop where I found that finagled Pokemon Pasta down below, I found….this. It’s a beautiful buffet of old gags, pranks and … Continue reading

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C-3P0’s Cereal & Pokemon Pasta!

I managed to snatch a sealed box of C-3P0’s Cereal from 1984, so even though I already did an article on the stuff a few years ago, this latest development seemed like enough of a reason to praise the power … Continue reading

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Secret Tales of Gummy Bear Woe.

SECRET TALES OF GUMMY BEAR WOE: Spent the morning at the Broadway Screening Room – not as fancy as it sounds – catching a screener for Assault on Precinct 13 on behalf of Box Office Magazine. It’s got Ethan Hawke … Continue reading

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Honey Roasted.

Hey, remember me? Guy with the site and stuff? Sorry I’ve been so scarce — like I’ve said too many times before, things have changed a lot on this end over the past year, but I’ll do what I can … Continue reading

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Jaws: The Revenge. This time, it’s personal.

Last night, a few friends and I ran out of things to do and decided to throw in a movie. My collection being what it is, unpalatable to all but me, pickings were slim. Perhaps it was the weather, or … Continue reading

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The Adventures of Q*Bert!

An X-Entertainment Book Report: it’s one of my favorite literary masterpieces from kid-dom, starring the one and only Q*Bert. From Parker Bruddas in 1983, The Adventures of Q*Bert is the scattered tale of an orange hero, his green friends, their … Continue reading

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