Pepsi Holiday Spice Soda Review.

Well, I knew it was coming, and I was first in line to get it. Pepsi Holiday Spice, the second of the company’s new hip flavors for this quarter (Mountain Dew Pitch Black was the previous), offers Pepsi some small minute chance of doing what it never could before: competing with Coca Cola during the Christmas season. Everyone has their favorite brand, but no one can deny Coke’s authority over Everything Santa. For many decades, the Coca Cola Company went the extra mile to always make sure they had some Christmas-centric ad campaign going down during the holiday season, and to this day, I can’t let a single December slip by without sipping from one of the classic glass Coke bottles at least once. So strong have my associations between Christmas and Coca Cola grown, I’d even go balls out blasphemous in saying that this particular soda is more closely related to the holiday than movie legend Jesus Christ.

Pepsi seeks to contend by not only altering the wrapper around their top seller, but the beverage itself. What was once normal Pepsi has now been tinged with red dye and beefed up with a suspiciously undefined bevy of spices. Even the ingredients label fails to identify which spices are included, though it only takes one taste to finger the culprits as cinnamon and an awful concentrated pine essence. Honestly, all holiday biases for Coke aside, I’m just not digging the stuff at all. It’s not easy to describe the taste (a thought shared by several who’ve e-mailed in recently), but it definitely doesn’t seem like regular Pepsi with a few additions. Pepsi Holiday Spice is an entity all its own, and though I can’t say I’ll be buying a second bottle (partly untrue, because I’m lame and still want to keep a sealed one for decorative purposes), I’ll admit that it’s probably well suited for mixed drinks. You’re one shot glass of rum away from a cocktail worth patenting.

All that said, I’m glad Pepsi gave it a shot. The bottle is nice, celebrating Holiday Spice’s limited availability, and adhering to the hot new politically correct fad of making something look more Christmassy than Father Christmas himself without ever using the totally denominational C-word. Worth trying once just so you can say you remember the flavor ten years down the road in a sappy trip down memory lane with friends during a drunken binge, but don’t expect to be too terribly disappointed when the shit disappears in a few months. I give it Three French Hens.

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  1. Tali says:

    A co-worker of mine described this crap pretty aptly when we collectively bought a 2-liter to try:

    "It tastes like the bastard offspring of a Pepsi, a pumpkin pie, and the dead pine needles you have to vaccum out of your carpet until April or so."

  2. ashlee says:

    i think that holiday spice is really good and i love that egg nog song that you sing on the radio it is really funny i always wait for this song to come on lol

  3. otterman47 says:

    go to and scroll down a little and you’ll find a link to a guys site who’s accepted a dare to drink nothing but pepsi spice for 45 day straight. he started on the 15th of november.

  4. tigrress says:

    If you took Pepsi, added Hot Damn and removed the alcohol, this is what you’d get.

    Definitely gives the great idea of mixing the two *after* the holidays, or anytime :)

    Not outstanding, but fun if ya like your cups dyed red 😉

  5. pharmacybug1 says:

    yep, ass squeezed in a bottle. At least they’re consistent!

  6. I love Holiday Spice Pepsi it is so,so, delicous! Bring back Crystal Pepsi its awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. asdfnick says:

    this is the worst soda i have ever tasted in my entire life. It leaves a rotton taste in my mouth. I LOATH pepsi holiday spice.

  8. JaM says:

    i got a bottle of this great soda at home its old tho….i bought it in june of 05

  9. DOUG B says:


  10. *sigh*

    I was totally bummed this year when I didn’t see any holiday spice. So what did I do? I cracked open the bottle I’d been saving…and promptly discovered why you don’t drink two year old pop. Ugh.

  11. El Guapo says:

    I remember buying a bottle of this stuff. I am more of a Coca Cola product fan, but when I saw this in the cooler of a family owned gas station I had to try it. The taste was quite holiday-ish, but I could not finish the entire bottle. The taste of Pepsi and mixed with Red Hots do not bode well with me.

  12. HerLoss says:

    just stumbled on this site after looking for Crystal Pepsi….. Oh Gawd, the memories of Crystal Pepsi….. I was like 16ish ….. I remember it, kind of….. Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to find some to buy…. Hell, do any of you recall or remember HOW AWESOME ANY soda was IN the LARGE like 16oz glass bottles? YOU CANNOT BEAT ANY KIND OF SODA THAT WAS BOTTLED IN GLASS, IT TASTED BETTER AND WAS COLDER. I SHIT YOU NOT. You cannot buy it at all -except that Mexican shit and that is like ass, really – oh, how they have F*cked up everything…….

    I was smart enough to buy a couple Holiday Spice Pepsi’s….. Never tried them though….. Can you drink “pop” three years later (unopened)? ten years later?

    AWESOME SITE MAN! This is my passion: POP! Especially from my youth.

    *Coke Classic is NOT the same as pre 1985 Coke. Neither is Pepsi. It once had CANE sugar: VASTLY better product. Taste 1,000 times better.
    *Pop tates better in glass bottles. Which, thank you corporate jerks, it is no longer available.


  13. mama c says:

    how come noone has wrote a comment in over a year?…….hello?….anyone home?

  14. anthony says:

    when is pepsi spice coming back

  15. Steven says:

    sorry, but this shit looks downright messed up. add some Ex-Lax & eggnog & you gotta one shitty ass party. :-)


  16. Tee says:

    I loved this stuff.It was like a Gingerbread man had sex with my bottle of Pepsi and the offspring was God’s gift to man.

  17. David says:

    I love this stuff and miss it so much =(
    bring it backkk

  18. Garrett says:


  19. Anonymous says:

    i loved holiday spice. i wish they would bring it back. i couldnt stop drinking the stuff.

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  21. larrythefatcat says:

    I still have a sealed 2 liter bottle of this stuff sitting on top of my refrigerator. I think I’m gonna save it for next year, unless you’re interested in using it for a blog post? (and having a 95-100% chance of dying before X-mas…)

  22. Jon says:

    I loved this stuff so much I can’t believe it never came back!

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