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Christmas Junk ’04: Milton Bradley Travel Games!

One of the biggest holiday traditions in my family, outside the usual overindulgence of greasy food and gifts nobody really needs: Board games. Every Christmas Eve for as long as I can remember, my family would gather around the table … Continue reading

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Real Lymon, I swear.

The gods must like me this week — I found genuine lymon sitting in the back of the fridge. Bleu cheese isn’t the only good rot. No, I didn’t intend for things to turn out this way. Sometimes, the gods … Continue reading

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Christmas Junk ’04: The Dino Mega Cruiser!

DINO MEGA CRUISER! Somehow, the babbling you’re about to read through pertains to the dragon robot dude shown above. We hit the department stores this past weekend, ostensibly to shop for gifts but really because I try to clock as … Continue reading

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Christmas Junk ’04: Silly Putty!

I didn’t grow up in a Christmas stocking kind of household. At least, not at first. I was a spoiled brat, but my parents never got into stuffing stockings.  We had them only for decorative purposes, and it drove me … Continue reading

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The 1987 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!

Just in the nick of time, here’s a look back at the 1987 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I was actually at this one live, but my best memories of it are being painfully cold and poorly dressed. Though not as … Continue reading

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Seed of Chucky & The Thanksgiving Survey.

So I checked out Seed of Chucky on behalf of Box Office Magazine (and because I really, really wanted to), and while I had several typical complaints and couldn’t possibly recommend the movie to a broad audience, I worry that … Continue reading

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My Very Special Major Award.

Yeah, yeah, I’m alive, and working on that Macy’s Review. It’s long, it’ll take a while. Meantime, get a load of this here that. Last night, as has been tradition since I was a child, we hit this Christmas fair … Continue reading

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The Jones Soda Holiday Pack, reviewed.

Okay, it’s not the most important X-E article in history — that was a lie — but this review of the Jones Soda Holiday Pack provides the most vile materials ever found on the site. The already famous set includes … Continue reading

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Bum ba bum bum…

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Nickelodeon Commercial & Seed of Chucky.

So if you’ve been watching Nickelodeon, you might’ve noticed a commercial promoting SpongeBob watches at Burger King — that’s one of the spots I’ve written. Fun stuff, but they didn’t let me keep any of the watches. I’ll try to … Continue reading

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