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Monster Cereals & A Farewell To Halloween!

Well, it’s finally over. Halloween is here, soon it’ll be gone, and with it, we bid farewell to the X-E Halloween Countdown until next year. My brain says THANK GOD, but my heart yearns for more rubber bats and bloody … Continue reading

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Yeti Puzzles & More Halloween Art!

Well, Halloween is finally here — hope everyone’s having a good one. Sucks that it fell on a Sunday this year, but that’s better than a Tuesday. They’ll be a wrapup Countdown entry a bit later, but for hte 30th, … Continue reading

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The 2004 X-E Halloween Art Expo, Part I!

Ah, let’s take a look at some of YOUR works of art in X-E’s not annual Halloween art expo. This collection contains ten entries — more to come later or tomorrow. For those who’ve forgotten the rules, here they are … Continue reading

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“Halloween,” for the Atari 2600!

Dunno how many of you are around this weekend, but for the few who remain, let’s do some Halloween shit. The (late) entry for Friday on the Countdown takes a gander at the infamous “Halloween” Atari game, where Michael Myers … Continue reading

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Shrek Twinkies with Green Filling?

Here’s the late entry for Thursday. I’d debated whether this really belonged on the Halloween Countdown or not, but I’ll always associate it with this special time of year, so here ya go: Hostess Twinkies now come with “Ogre Green” … Continue reading

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X-E’s Halloween Bash starts tomorrow!

Stay tuned this weekend as I unload all of the shit I haven’t had a chance to write about on the Countdown in a big ol’ X-E Halloween Bash right here on the blog. At least a dozen Halloween toys, … Continue reading

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The Ghost With The Most. Again.

Thanks to everyone who sent in entires for the X-E Halloween Art Expo. Details in the previous blog entry if you missed ’em. All will be posted here on Saturday afternoon. Bonus points to everyone who remembered the goldfish. Evil … Continue reading

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Standing Skull Man & The Halloween Art Challenge!

Meet my very special new bestest friend in the whole wide world, Standing Skull Man. A once expensive and absolutely gigantic Halloween decoration marked down to comparable peanuts during the final days for stores to milk our holiday spirit, Standing … Continue reading

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The Many Faces of Jason Voorhees. And Michael Myers.

Super Halloween Monday Day! Yes, Super Halloween Monday Day, featuring two new articles on the Countdown that are some of the most important to date, or something. For October 25th, we’ve got a movie-by-movie look at the Many Faces of … Continue reading

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Countdown stuffio.

HEY! Well, sorry about the delay. I wish I had an excuse better than “I’ve been too busy to think straight,” but that’s the truth and I know it hurts. Here’s a few subsidized entries to get us caught up … Continue reading

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