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The Halloween Yogurt Explosion.

Careful, dairy shoppers. If you’re not in love with Halloween, you’re in for a real scare. X-E’s first favorite holiday after that other one coming up has completely taken over the dairy section at your local grocer, with four new … Continue reading

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‘The Fright Glove’ and ‘Hockey Mask.’ Guess who?

Wow, this was dangerously close to being late, but it’s NOT, and that’s all that counts. The Halloween Countdown entry for September 29th delves deep into the seedy world of knockoff horror costumes, introducing the pitiful “Fright Glove” and “Hockey … Continue reading

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Gummy Fangs & Skull Pops.

Short one today, on Gummy Fangs. Candy lip lunch. Gotta run, but here’s a discussion topic: scary video games/video game moments. Name some of your faves.

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Evil Snake Anti-Drug PSA, Nickelodeon, and Dumb Survey #12010.

It’s been over two years since his last appearance on X-E, but now, Evil Snakeman Drug Dealer is BACK! The scariest anti-drug public service announcement I’ve ever seen felt like it deserved a spot on the Halloween Countdown. Yeah, it’s … Continue reading

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Halloween Countdown: Marcus The Carcass!

I really like this thing. The Sunday entry on the Halloween Countdown stars Marcus The Carcass, a blue demon corpse who creeps up from underground powered by bloodlust and Christmas lights. I really really like this thing. Marcus is a … Continue reading

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Halloween Countdown: Spooky Lucky Charms!

I really want to get some of the Halloween cereals out of the way quick, because even with the total count collected thus far at eight, I have a sneaky suspicion they’ll be more soon. With that, today’s Countdown entry … Continue reading

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Atomic Fireballs & 3-D Bloody Words!

New “real” article coming this weekend — and maybe two if I’m quick enough. Meantime, the Countdown’s been updated with a review of the new hotness this Halloween season, 3-D Bloody Words, essentially giant Fruit Roll-Ups shaped like deadly phrases. … Continue reading

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Halloween Countdown: Twix, Snickers and Kit Kat Bars!

The Halloween Countdown rages on with a look at three top drawer treats, Twix, Snickers and Kit Kat bars. They’ve all been blessed with spooky gimmicks to tie in with the holiday, and while arguably the least interesting thing I’ll … Continue reading

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Halloween Countdown: Aliens XXVII!

If you hated Aliens Vs. Predator, you’ll want to print this one and burn it to death. The latest on the Halloween Countdown is the long awaited sequel, Aliens XXVII.

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Gross party favors, Mr. Peanut’s car and a survey.

Today on the Halloween Countdown, “Grosser Than Gross” Party Favors! Six bucks for a well organized clump of fake vomit, oozing bugs and other disgusting fun stuff. By the way, I can’t believe how much stuff I’ve already found for … Continue reading

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