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Cap’n Crunch Cereal Goes Blue!

Cap’n Crunch Goes Blue, Yo: It had to happen sometime, though I’m having trouble explaining exactly why. If you’re a kid wrapped in a dirty old guy’s body, you’ve probably seen the new Cap’n Crunch commercial, where everyone’s favorite seafaring … Continue reading

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The Vending Machine Prize Spectacular – 2004!

Wow, this one took way too long to finish. A few years back I did a tribute to vending machine toys, but recent trips to where the beastly machines are located told me that there was enough shite left to … Continue reading

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84 Mewtwos, 200 Gray Gorillas.

When faced with a clearance sale — a major clearance sale — I often encounter trouble. Instead of just buying a single liquidated item, I tend to buy as many as possible regardless of need or even desire to own … Continue reading

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some stuff and some other stuff.

Slow week on the site, I know. Don’t worry, bidness will be a’pickin’ up next week — three new articles between this weekend and the next, and absolutely none of them having to do with Italian thumb wrestling or Crayola … Continue reading

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Vintage Nintendo Storage Chest!

Two of our friends hooked up, got engaged and are now living in sin till the wedding nearby, and during the process of ma-ma-merging, some of their shit had to go. So, thanks to Justin for passing this one along … Continue reading

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Alien Vs. Predator + Italian Thumb Wrestling!

Caught Alien Vs. Predator the other night, and wow…seriously, that’s the worst flick I’ve seen in theaters for a loooong while. I’ve waited a few days before commenting in hopes that the feeling would subside a bit, but nope — … Continue reading

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Shaun of the Dead. And Mini-Bars.

After work on Tuesday, I went to a screening on behalf of Box Office Magazine to see Shaun of the Dead, an amazingly kickass zombie movie that I couldn’t possibly recommend more. Some of you hopped on my head when … Continue reading

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I saw Mr. Peanut.

Went outside for an early smoke after getting to work, not even hitting the point where I would’ve considered myself fully awake yet. So of course, when I looked up and saw Mr. Peanut, I assumed it to be mere … Continue reading

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Halloween Costume Survey.

Stupid Survey: List some of the Halloween costumes you’ve worn, and name your best.

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V – The Original Mini-Series Review.

In one of those “should have been reviewed a long time ago” kinda reviews, here’s a really long, really really long look back at V: The Original Mini-Series. Airing on NBC in 1983 across two nights, it was a record-breaker … Continue reading

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