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Happy Day.

Yeah yeah, been a blah week here, sorry. Had some stuff that needed to be taken care of. Next week’ll be better, I pwowmiwse. Meantime, let’s get another survey going. What was the best day of your life?

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New Article: Tamagotchi Video Adventures!

A reader was nice enough to mail me this one, and if you’ve ever played with a Tamagotchi, learn more about those little creatures you raised with Bandai’s infamous Tamagotchi Video Adventures. It’s a really odd special featuring Tamagotchi monsters … Continue reading

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The Million Dollar McDonald’s Contest Song.

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I <3 Sims Pinball.

God dammit, I’m obsessed with this game. Over at Pogo, scroll to the bottom, look to the right and give “The Sims Pinball” a whirl. What I assumed would be a three-minute amusement has turned into weeks of frustration and … Continue reading

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The Potato Head Kids Cartoon!

Hey, if you’ve ever wanted to see Mr. Potato Head’s kids in their very own cartoon show, your prayers were answered in 1985. The Potato Head Kids was a seemingly innocent show with a surreal dark streak that becomes clear … Continue reading

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Polls and Spaceballs.

This assignment was almost mine, but it went to Brian because he’s less of a social retard. Click here to check out an interactive trivia game starring Michael Winslow of Police Academy and Spaceballs fame, who unleashes the total power … Continue reading

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Does this thing work God dammit?

Hello, is this thing on? From One Fry 2 Anotha? An e-mail from the weekend: “dude i think the blog is brokeneded” Well said, indeed it was. Friday marked the first blog meltdown since it’s inception in October of 2002, … Continue reading

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Jaws: The Nintendo Game.

The first guess was right, here’s my review of the Jaws Nintendo game, where we battled with the world’s most famous shark using spears, bombs, strobes and our own two hands. A pretty terrible game that still managed to bewitch … Continue reading

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dunhill lights ps

By popular request (a whole four people!), here’s another X-E audio conversion, this time for the Polly-O String Cheese article. It translated like crap and comes off sounding like a mother reading her 2nd grade son’s book report, but hey, … Continue reading

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