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New Article: Krang’s Android Body!

We’ve seen lots of Krang here on the site. Several months back, we saw the TMNT episode where Krang finally got that body of his. Now, here’s a look at the toy based on it. “Krang’s Android Body,” made by … Continue reading

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Gummi Bears Toy Commercial.

Working on a new article now, should be up late this afternoon. Meantime, here’s some stuff to keep y’all occupied. For like two whole minutes. Hey now, it’s the Gummi Bears. You remember the Gummi Bears, I’m sure. Pioneers of … Continue reading

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April One Five.

Tax time is at hand, and I’ve been scrambling to find every last receipt I’d saved for the past two years. In compiling 2003’s, here’s some the year’s more interesting write-offs: — Incredible Hulk Jell-O Pudding — (2) Hermit Crabs … Continue reading

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New Article: The Ultimate Modulok Tribute!

A rewrite of a rewrite of a rewrite, here is my final tribute to Modulok, the Masters of the Universe/Princess of Power villain with twenty-two interchangeable parts, including two heads, six legs, six arms and a couple of tails. Loved … Continue reading

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Favorite Toy Pollllll.

I’m currently rewriting a pretty old feature on one of my favorite action figures of all time. There’s a shocker, but let’s get a poll out of it. What’s your favorite toy, ever? Try to stick with what you’ve personally … Continue reading

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New Article: American Gladiators Candy Bars!

Hey, anybody want an American Gladiators Chewy Nougat Bar? Made in 1993 by Dr. Channard, the criminal candies mixed fruit flavors with puttylike nougat to create the snack no kid would ever want to eat. Even with pretty pictures of … Continue reading

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Obi-Wan & Dawn of the Deadddd.

Here’s a pretty quick one about “The Spirit of Obi-Wan,” a mail-away exclusive from Hasbro and Frito Lay to tie in with the special edition theatrical release of the Star Wars trilogy in the late 90s. I mentioned the figure … Continue reading

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New Article: Garbage Pail Kids “Tacky Snappers!”

The Garbage Pail Kids return to X-Entertainment with a review of Imperial’s GPK Tacky Snappers. What were they? I dunno…some kinda slime wands with character-shaped handles. I think. The article features a hands-on look at the beasts, plus a bonus … Continue reading

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Transformers “Alternators” Sideswipe Review!

Here’s that Transformers “Alternators” review I promised. Of the two I’ve seen in stores, Sleek Red Sideswipe absolutely blows away the other guy — can’t remember his name, but he was blue and green and read all over. I’m reading … Continue reading

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Which animal would you steal from the zoo?

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