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New Article: Cobra’s Chia Plot — Part IV!

It’s time for Commander Frack and his troops to pay the piper. In Cobra’s Chia Plot: Part IV, our heroes finally get to meet up with the one and only Cobra Commander, who isn’t too pleased with the pitiful sack … Continue reading

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Stupid Vacation Poll.

I think it’s time for another stupid survey poll thing. Let’s see hm hm erm ahm. Okay, here we go: name your dream vacation spot. I know it’s a lame question, but I’m voyeuristically curious. Your dream vacation spot can … Continue reading

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The Cereal Chronicles, Volume 855588.

I’ve been amazed at the amount of “limited special ultra edition” cereals that’ve come out in this past year, but recently, the number has been unreal. Whatever’s fashionable with youth is now eaten for breakfast, and you’re going to have … Continue reading

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New Article: “Critters 4” Movie Review!

Wrapping up the series, here’s my review of “Critters 4.” It’s the last call for the Crites, who do their best to make one final impression with the help of Brad Dourif and Angela Bassett’s ass. Not the way I … Continue reading

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Toy Fair 2004: The Best of the Rest.

Toy Fair is a pretty difficult thing to cover, mostly because everyone is only interested in pics pics pics, and there’s really not much to add. By the time UGO got a video crew down there, I realized that my … Continue reading

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New Article: CROSSFIRE!

Monday starts early with the latest article, a tribute to Milton Bradley’s “Crossfire.” It’s the game where two opponents vie for the championship by loading, aiming and firing endless rounds of marble bullets at two weird pucks. Plays better than … Continue reading

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ALF gets ’em out.

Last night, completely by accident, I stumbled onto the quickest way to get people out of your house. We’ve all been there — you have a few friends over, you drink a lot, time flies and flies…before you know it, … Continue reading

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Giant Ninja Turtles @ Toy Fair!

Oh, so there’s something from Toy Fair I just couldn’t hold off on showing you guys. Playmates had an incredible setup for their Ninja Turtles stuff, displaying virtually everything they’ve got. You wouldn’t believe how broad the line’s about to … Continue reading

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New Article: The Polly-O String Cheese Commercial!

I’m not sure how many of you will remember this commercial, but around these parts it’s one of the longtime faves. There’s only one place in the world where kids call for extra cheese and held crusts, and it’s the … Continue reading

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I’m home.

Well, I’m finally home. From Sunday till just a little while ago, I was in the city for the annual International Toy Fair, where companies from all around the world debut their upcoming playthings for the press and the buyers … Continue reading

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