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New Article: Cobra’s Chia Plot — Part II!

The saga continues! It’s been two weeks since we last saw General Frack and the Cobra troops attempt to grow a Chia Pet. Have they succeeded? And if so, what new perils await our antiheroes? A new adversary? Deadly magic? … Continue reading

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Kid Cuisine’s Special Winter Edition!

There were a few holiday items that had to be tossed aside due to time constraints during last month’s Advent Calendar, and the general consensus here in our apartment is that such items should be thrown in the closet until … Continue reading

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you know..

Tell me a story. New article up, eh, laaaate tonight. Been kinda sick (okay, not really, I’m lying), but next week’s looking stellar for content. Stellar, not Stella. “Stella for content” wouldn’t make sense unless Stella was protesting for more…well, … Continue reading

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“Battle of the Rock Lords,” and LIME COKE!

There wasn’t a new article to kick off the week yesterday, but I hope the fact that this one is 55,000 words makes up for it. Here’s my review of “The Battle of the Rock Lords,” a Go-Bots movie that … Continue reading

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New Article: Shitty Board Games!

Today’s article focuses in on five of the worst board games I’ve ever owned, a list that will shock and appall you to no end. It’s a good mix of old favorites and old hated pieces of crap. We’ve got … Continue reading

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Today’s Poll: School Troubles!

I’m working on a new article as we speak — should be up by this afternoon. Meanwhile, let’s get another one of those surveys going. Okay, kind of a shitty one, but I’m curious nonetheless: in your various travels at … Continue reading

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My poor new parrot fishies… :(

I picked these five beauties up yesterday, not realizing the sordid past involved. Many of you have probably heard of parrot fish — these are “jelly bean” parrots, and it wasn’t until doing some online searching that I learned just … Continue reading

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New Article: Fisher Price’s POCKET ROCKERS!

Okay, first of all, that thread about the worst movies you’ve seen in theaters down below is awesome, and proves that there’s a lot more lurkers here than I originally thought. Maybe we should make these kinds of polls and … Continue reading

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Hrm. Let’s give this a try…

Today’s Stupid Poll: What’s the worst movie you’ve ever seen in theaters? Though “Garbage Pail Kids: The Movie” seems oddly entertaining to me now, I forced my mother to bring me home no more than 20 minutes in. Other candidates … Continue reading

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New Article: “The Adventures of Kool-Aid Man!”

Uh oh. Some of you might’ve heard rumors about the Kool-Aid Man once having a comic book, but chances are good that you’ve never actually seen it. Now you can. Today’s article is a 25+ page review of “The Adventures … Continue reading

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