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New Article: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cereal!

Here’s a new article that expands on something touched on in a previous one — the full tribute to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cereal! I love the fact that it existed, and bought it several times, but I don’t care … Continue reading

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Reader Mail, Volume Tarantula.

Still working on the new design; a couple of past attempts failed, so we’re trying out some other stuff. I probably won’t add a new article till it’s done, but I think I’ll have time to write one tonight. If … Continue reading

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We’re working around the clock (ha yeah right) to put together X-E’s post-Christmas design. Completely overlooked it last month. Longtime readers might remember that the site’s past holiday designs usually remained active till around February, if not later. This new … Continue reading

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The Christmas Fallout, 2003.

Ahhh, the good ol’ Christmas fallout. Everything always seems a little off for a few days after Christmas; it’s some kind of immobilizing lull that we all fall into before prying ourselves out to get drunk on New Year’s Eve. … Continue reading

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Advent Calendar: December 20th & 21st!

Another update: Santa Claus has arrived to save the land of Playmobil! I’m outta here, have fun everyone! UPDATE: I’m going to keep this blog entry up top and active, since there’s so many great Christmas stories in the comments … Continue reading

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Oh Christmas Tree, O C TREEE.

Two more updates on the Advent Calendar — December 18th features another Santa hotline commercial (this time for Mrs. Claus!), Kid Cuisine’s Christmas-themed microwave dinners, and the ongoing struggles of Mista Snowman. On Decemeber 19th, Mare hits new lows while … Continue reading

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Advent Calendar: December 17th: Fruity Pebbles Christmas!

Here’s December 17th’s entry, including a semi-long review of what just might be the best Christmas commercial we’ve seen all month: Fred Flintstone’s “Fruity Pebbles” holiday ad! Watch with glee as Fred and Santa rap, Barney mimics, and carolers thugbust. … Continue reading

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Advent Calendar: The Hickory Farms Spectacular!

December 16th’s entry is one of my favorites thus far. It’s the Hickory Farms spectacular! I’m assuming most of you have seen these things a zillion times — they’re the pre-made party packs sold in most department stores containing all … Continue reading

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December 15th is up — it’s a shorter one so I can take care of these next two long entires and actually get the Calendar up to date! I’m well rested, and it would take extremely dire circumstances (like a … Continue reading

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