It’s official. This is the coolest motherfucker I’ve ever seen…

I doubt that many people have ever even heard of “Ooze-It,” much less seen one firsthand. It’s a real shame, too — this may very well be the best “slime toy” ever. Yep, maybe even cooler than the original Masters of the Universe “Slime Pit,” and definitely cooler than anything slimy from that Harry Potter collection. Though made by the semi-famous Imperial Toys, the only company name on the box is “OI” — “Ooze-It Incorporated.” Seriously. The toy is so great, it owns its own company. It owns its own. Yeehah. Though from 1975, I was happy to find that the extremely elusive toy wasn’t just complete, but was even in nigh-perfect shape. I’ve got no idea what it’s worth; things like this generally have an audience with collectors, but really, who cares what it’s worth? It’s not like I’m ever going to sell something this terrific.

There’s the figure, standing tall at a glorious nine inches, made of soft green rubber with plastic plugs covering up all his giant face holes. Next to the creature is his chosen elixir: a bottle of “Ooze-It Ooze.” Totally full, too — I’m not sure if this thing was ever played with by its previous owner. I’m not going to repeat their mistake…

Okay, the Ooze itself is the most desired type of toy slime — picture “Ectoplasm” from Kenner’s “The Real Ghostbusters” series. Really, really fluid. Really, really sticky. After unscrewing the monster’s head, you fill up his body with the red plague and prepare to have the time of your life.

After removing Ooze-It’s face plugs, the slime splurts out of every pore on his face as you squeeze his belly. Complete with nauseating sounds, too. Kind of embarrassing, to be honest. You know how you feel sorta guilty when squeezable bottles of ketchup makes those terribly naughty sounds? Same deal here.

It’s Hell to clean up, unfortunately. Since the Ooze is so oozy and slimy, it doesn’t collect together too well. I eventually gave up, placing as much as I could back in the bottle and just washing off the rest. Ooze-It didn’t seem to mind.

I really don’t have a good way to end this little story, now that I’m here. I just wanted to show you pictures of a toy that splooges body juice from its eye sockets. Now that I have, there’s nothing left to do but reflect. So, let’s reflect. Let’s reflect on Ooze-It.

It owns its own.

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  1. Killer Duck says:

    Heh…actually, Xen, when I was a kid I would eat PlayDoh and paste in kindergarten (why don’t they make paste like that these days?), quarters (my sister dared me-older sisters suck)…and this slime here looks like that red gel icing they put on cakes…In reality I haven’t eaten a toy for a few months now. I think I really am doing much better now.

  2. sdfghwh says:

    I think I saw Pee Wee Herman squeeze one of those on David letterman’s show. Hilarious!

  3. Inky says:

    Nifty! Ooze-It blows my beloved Martian Squeezy Eye-Popper Thingie out of the water!


  4. Pagz says:

    Man, when I was a kid, slime toys were my reason for living. Unfortunately, keeping slime toys from me appeared to be my mother’s over riding purpose in life. The one and only slime toy I ever owned was the Horde Slime Pit and it was kick ass… Until, while playing with the slime, dumping it from hand to hand, while skip-running around the living room I lost the slime and it dumped down on my cat. The cat was none to thrilled. If you’ve never seen a cat run at break neck speeds *sideways* then I recommend trying this. Poor little guy just couldn’t get away from that clingy ooze. OOohhh boy was my mom pissed, cuz that shit doesn’t wash out so good. Had to bathe the cat with some weird mixture which involved vinnegar. From that day forward, slime toys were forever beyond my reach. I managed to buy some Ecto Plasm once, at a garage sale, without her knowledge, but it had congealed into a solid mass, no oozing propoerties at all. more like really firm jello. Oh well, such is life.

  5. Jared says:

    that thing makes me miss obi.

    did anyone else ever have a obi?

  6. Romo says:

    must…..have……..Ooze It.that looks really cool and probably could be used for shooting the ooze at people.first day of december

  7. Betrayer says:

    Why try to save it? That looks like hummingbird feeder fluid, which is just water sugar and some chemicals, with starch and food coloring. At least if you’re going for the more watery type ooze that’s what I use.

  8. Dekker says:

    Ooze It is my master. I give a squeeze before every kill…

  9. Wurms says:

    Ooze It!!!!

    Made in Metaire, La circa 1981, mine still remains sealed in his original wrapping! Way too cool to open.. I had a few of them as a kid so I remember the glorious feeling of that cold sticky ooze dripping over my fingers and onto my overalls. 😀

  10. Wurms says:

    I still have one sealed in the wrapped box! Made in Metairie, La circa 1981 by OI. Will take $1000. 😀

  11. Louie says:

    My mom’s boyfreind says he remebers an ooze-it commercial.

  12. joe says:

    I had this doll. It must have been old when I got it. I wone it at the captain funtastic carnival. It was hanging next to the horse dung and sawdust stuffed animals that they used to give the kids. When I saw it I had to have it. Great toy.

  13. chris says:

    omg im 30 years old and i got this for xmas forever ago its really nice seeing it agin man that was a long time ago :)

  14. howie says:

    I had an ooze-it, definately one of the coolest toys i ever owned… wish i would have held on to it! I’m jealous!

  15. HD says:

    I used to have an ooze-it, got it at a magic shop in charlotte n.c. when i was like 5… definately one of the coolest toys i ever owned, wish i still had it

  16. Inspired says:

    I have an ooze it that I bought when I lived in New Orleans in the 90s. I’m ready to sell him. He doesn’t have his box or the ooze but he still has his yellow plug. Boxed unopened ooze-its are selling for $300 and up on ebay. So I’m thinking I’ll sell him for $200. If anyone is interested you can email me at heyyou (@) creativebrainstorm (dot) com.

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