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It’s official. This is the coolest motherfucker I’ve ever seen…

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Rhythm is going to eat you.

We’ve (me and the cats) been working ’round the clock to make sure X-E’s Christmas season starts on time, and it looks like we’re on target. Jesus — four designs in four months. Thank God this is the last holiday … Continue reading

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The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade – 1985-1986!

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allllmost done

For those waiting for the parade review, I’m allllmooosttt there. Looks like I’m gonna be up till around 2 AM finishing it. It’s eight pages long and eighty-thousand words. Coming along nicely. Course, I’m supposed to make the stuffed mushrooms … Continue reading

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New Article: Superman Peanut Butter!

I said the next article would be about peanut butter, and that waddn’t no lie. Not sure how many of you remember it, but I’ll never forget Superman Peanut Butter. Might’ve been the same ol’ crap found in the jars … Continue reading

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We’re on track to have the next (and final, for a while) Macy’s Parade review online by Wednesday night. Jesus Christ, these things take forever to put together. This one in particular was more of a problem on the technical … Continue reading

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New Article: Petster, the Robot Cat!

If you’re waiting for the next parade review, don’t worry, it’s a’comin soon. Had some video/audio synch problems, but we’re on the road to recovery. Hopefully will have two more full reviews by Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, there’s a new article up, … Continue reading

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New Article: The G.I. Joe Train!

My friend Brian’s been asking me to do this one for years, so here it is: a review of the G.I. Joe Electric Train & Battle Set, by Tyco in 1983. Pretty cool, actually — you might assume this is … Continue reading

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Cat In The Hat Cereal & Pop Tarts!

I haven’t been keeping tabs on Mike Myers’ new “The Cat In The Hat” flick, and probably won’t see it till I’m stuck in bed with the flu, too ridden with sick to fetch the remote after HBO buys the … Continue reading

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New Article: The Maxx Steele Erector Set!

Since so many articles over the past few months have been holiday-themed, I figured we should get back to basics. Oh hey! Here’s something basic: Maxx Steele Erector Set. Some of you might remember Maxx as the lead hero from … Continue reading

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