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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Here’s this year’s spooky finale: a look at the scariest house in history, with dozens of horror icons immortalized as costumed mannequins, tons of bloody rubber heads, and even a few feet-eating alligators. We’re currently fending off scores … Continue reading

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That new chainsaw from Texas ain’t so good.

Well, I finally saw the Texas Chainsaw “reimagining,” and boy, did I ever get my hopes up for this one. I’ll be honest — I probably bought into the hype a little too well, and compacted with the number of … Continue reading

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New Article: “Tales From The Darkside: The Movie!”

Here’s my review of Tales From The Darkside: The Movie. I absolutely love this flick. If you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor and head to the video store. Don’t wait for it to pop up on cable — … Continue reading

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New on the Countdown: Little Drac, GB Cereal, Spider Rings & More!

Whoa oh oh, hey hey hey. The Countdown’s back up to date with four new entries; a good mix of old and new crap. On the new side, we’ve got Mummy candies and plastic spider rings. Okay, so the rings … Continue reading

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I still love my Shrunken Head Apple.

For those who doubted the workability of those Shrunken Head Apple Crafts, take a look at this. Remembering that I only followed the “official” directions halfheartedly, here’s what my apple dude looks like now… As far as rotten apples go, … Continue reading

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Words of wizdum from Mike Tyson.

“Tex” just sent in something cool. Here’s what he had to say: “I was looking through my old Nintendo games the other day and came across Mike Tyson’s Punchout!!  The funny part is I still had the copy of the … Continue reading

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My trip to Salem…

Here’s a few pics I snapped last weekend in Salem. The WITCH town.

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New Article: McDonald’s Halloween Happy Meals Tribute!

Here’s a new article covering some of McDonald’s best Halloween Happy Meals, including a quick look at what dey got goin on this year. Several old favorites are covered — spooky McNuggets, costumed McDonaldland figures, treat certificates, and yes, my … Continue reading

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Five New Entries on the Halloween Countdown!

Wow, Halloween is really creeping up on us now. I’ve got at least five articles specific to the holiday that kinda need to get done before the holiday hits, so looks like I’m gonna have to lock myself in here … Continue reading

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