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Halloween Oreos?

The Countdown’s been updated with a fast look at a fast cookie — Nabisco’s new Halloween Oreos! It’s September 30th — we’re on the cusp of October, and finally, the weather wizards around here have realized that it’s no longer … Continue reading

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New Article: Krang Goes Babysitting!

Ever wondered what would happen if Krang, the evil pink brain from Dimension X, was roped into babysitting half of the Marvel Universe? Click here to find out! When you’re done, do me a favor and pay a little visit … Continue reading

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New Article: Texas Chainsaw Atari Game!

La la la, here’s a quick look back at an Atari rarity, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Pretty awful little game that was kept off most store shelves for being “too violent,” even though the pictures tell a different story. Also, … Continue reading

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Notes about Nukie and Clue: The VCR Game…

“RMK” just sent in a fantastic e-mail: “The other day I was cleaning out our hall closet, and for whatever reason someone had stored a stack of late 80s magazines and newspapers in the back. With nothing better to do … Continue reading

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Halloween Countdown Update: Hostess Cakes & Dracula’s Jokes

Today’s Countdown entry investigates Hostess’ new series of Halloween-themed snack cakes, ranging from “Glo Balls” to regular donuts with a picture of Frankenstein on the box. Good fun. Thanks to “Ron S.” for sending in the tip. Also, if you … Continue reading

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This week’s Top Eleven, kind of a quickie, takes a look back ay my favorite movie sequels. I’m sure a few (or everyone) will debate the list, but I figured I’d stay true to what I felt instead of writing … Continue reading

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New Article: Halloween Is Grinch Night, plus Reader Mail! :o

Wow, been a while since a full-length article, so here it is. Halloween Is Grinch Night, the 1977 television special that cast new horrors for a new holiday on the friendly Whos of Whoville, gave us one last look at … Continue reading

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Amazin’ Fruit Super Fruits!

The movie review I planned to have up today is going to take a bit longer — it’s a big ass one, and if I rush through it, it’ll suck, so what’s the point? Might try to sneak it up … Continue reading

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A really strange Transformers commercial…

Vincent, a reader, sent in a real nice e-mail tonight, capped off with this: “..speaking of Transformers, I was having a discussion with some friends about how everything went through a “rap phase” in the early 90s, and I argued that Transformers … Continue reading

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X-E’s Halloween Season: 2003!

And we’re off! I hope you enjoy the spooky changes made to the site, and would like to thank Brian and Mike for their tremendous help in putting it together. What a load off — the process of getting this … Continue reading

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