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New Article: Cookie Puss Ice Cream Cakes!

I’m not sure how many of you have Carvel ice cream stores around, but those who do are likely familiar with “Cookie Puss,” the cake from outer space! Learn all about this last vestige of interplanetary dessert fun, including some … Continue reading

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Back to school, back to school…

Click “more” to see a buncha pics we took today of Toys R’ Us’ “back to school” section — notice the 80s revival trend?

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Got some new He-Man figures…

Had to run to Toys R’ Us for a gift today; ended up spending almost as much on me. I haven’t been “collecting” the new He-Man line, but I’ve certainly picked up what seemed cool as I came across it. … Continue reading

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New Articles: “Lords of Light” & “The Top 11 Video Game Toons”

Got two new articles to show you — first up, here’s the Lords of Light, a series of early 80s action figures few have ever heard of, but they might seem familiar to anyone out there who’s ever owned a … Continue reading

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The Boglins Stamper Cereal Premium. :D

From the halls of the most glorious cereal premiums in history, check out that gorgeous, cheap plastic Boglins Stamper! Anyone who’s kept track of breakfast giveaways knows that these sorts of stampers are nothing out of the ordinary — they’ve … Continue reading

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New Article: Madd Matt reviews The Slime Pit!

I told you I had Halloween on the brain already. Well, at least it’s negligibly timely, as the new Masters of the Universe collection has finally ushered in what’s surely its trump card: an updated Slime Pit! Read all about … Continue reading

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New Article: Teen Wolf Cartoon!

New Article: Remember Teen Wolf? How about the cartoon version? Read all about it. I’m an awful person in an awful rush — got some offline stuff going on this week that’s gotta be taken care of, so I apologize … Continue reading

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New Article: Freddy Krueger Toyzzzz!

New Article: Meant to have this one in before the movie hit, but one of the items took too long to get here. It was a Nightmare. HHHAHAHH. Today’s article takes an in-depth and firsthand and burned-flesh look at three … Continue reading

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Lucky Charms’ Swirly Whales: The Best Marshmallow EVER.

So, we’re already amped for Halloween over here. I usually don’t start till September, which is bad enough, but this year’s really getting an early start. The stores have just begun putting out some of the Halloween wares — mostly … Continue reading

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New Article: The Ecto Cooler Bible!

New Article: Remember when I said that the last time I mentioned Ecto Cooler would actually be the last time? I lied. I think you’ll forgive me for it though, as this article tells all there is to know about … Continue reading

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