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New Article: Supergirl! (plus reader mail!)

New Article: In 1984, with Christopher Reeve swearing off the Superman franchise, the powers-that-be decided to take a stab at bottling lightning with Supergirl. Starring Helen Slater, Faye Dunaway and the Phantom Zone, it was a critical and commercial failure…but … Continue reading

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For those who were wondering… That’s a rock pencil. =D

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New Article: The Snake & Animal Farm!

New Article: More coverage from my Poconos trip last weekend — read about our trip to Route 209’s Snake & Animal Farm, the filthiest place to see monkeys and big clam shells in the whole entire world. Yessir. But, you … Continue reading

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Super Mario Ice Cream?

Heylo. We just got back from the Poconos, along with three garbage bags full of flea market crap and stolen jelly condiments from the many dilapidated diners and convenience stops we found along the way. The jellies sparked a great … Continue reading

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Weekend Picture Gallery! =D =D

Together, we’ve made to another Friday. Who know what magic and intrigue await us for the upcoming week? Who? Ponder that, and look at a bunch of scratchy pictures. Have a nice weekend, but not so nice that it makes … Continue reading

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New Article: The Hermit Crab!

New Article: In the past, we’ve taken a look at mantis shrimp, Siamese fighting fish, and even chinchillas. Now it’s time for the amazing hermit crab to have its day in the sun. Review includes pictures of the crabby pair … Continue reading

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Fort Max Commercial + Tripletripe.

Hey hey hey. Got a letter from VH-1 about appearing in some kinda show, but the catch is that I believe it was concerning my Halloween decorations article for a feature about obsessive pop decor. I’m not sure I’m prepared … Continue reading

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New Article: Ninja Turtles Shrinky Dinks!

New Article: I’m happy and proud and exploding to bring you this firsthand look at the world of SHRINKY DINKS, variety #TMNT. Watch with delight as a plastic sheet shaped like Donatello magically shrinks in a really hot oven! The … Continue reading

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Minions of Skeletor + Reader Mail Reader Mail!

In case you missed it, there’s a new Top Eleven up. This week we tackle Skeletor’s greatest minions, from Clawful to Two Bad and even the football player with three count ’em three interchangeable arm thingamajigs. More or less written … Continue reading

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Come on, be a little more sexy. Hey, we’re talking about your job here.

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