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E.T. <3’s The Special Olympics.

In 1983, E.T. returned to our planet to support the Special Olympics. No seriously, he really did, and I’ve got the pictures to prove it. The ad spot was pretty famous in its day, which was nice considering the charity, … Continue reading

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Kronoform Robot Watches.

What were Kronoforms? Those wristwatches that transformed into robots, silly. Most commonly seen in cheap, knockoff versions over the years, these watches actually had an official start. Made by Takara, Kronoforms were ‘time warriors that tell time.’ Clever. Verrry clever. … Continue reading

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No new article today, had to finish the print columns and then became really engulfed in ripping cuticles off of my fingers. You know how it is. Quick update though — just got a bonanza of new material to cover, … Continue reading

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TMNT Review PLUS…how to make your own Krang!

So last night, I got this idea in my head. Wouldn’t go away. Had to be done. What was it? I needed to make my own Krang, of Ninja Turtles fame. No household is complete without its very own Krang, … Continue reading

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Slimer’s Ecto Cooler is sorta kinda BACK!

It’s baaack. Well, sort of. We’ve seen Slimer’s Hi-C Ecto Cooler on the site before, and through some feedback on his most recent appearance, I learned the deepest, darkest secret of the fruit juice aisle. For those who need a … Continue reading

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Make Your Very Own Striped Chips Ahoy Flip Book!

As we’ve seen, Chips Ahoy! succeeded where no other cookies have by mixing great taste, ten trillion chocolate chips, and some pretty clever ad campaigns. The commercials are typically fantastic, but even the print ads were something to behold. The … Continue reading

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Robocop: The VCR Game.

The new week is here, and with it, Robocop. Today’s article features a look back at one of the rarest and terribullest and awfulest Robocop-themed items ever, his infamous VCR Game. Combining a lame video with tiny yellow car-shaped playing … Continue reading

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Q&A Vol 8,222,222,120.

Here’s some questions I’ve received in the past week or so, with replies. With only five minutes to spare before I set myself on fire in protest of something as of yet undetermined, I chose the inquiries that could be … Continue reading

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Rawhead Rex.

New Movie Review: It’s one of the earliest flicks to have Clive Barker’s name stamped on the box, and I’m not sure he’s all that happy about it. Rawhead Rex is the story of Satan on Earth, or something close … Continue reading

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