Thursday Morning Picture Party.

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  1. Toilet Duck Fan says:

    Puttnam’s Daddy that is really amazing Is there anyway I could get tapes from you if you have any. I have been wanting to see this show again for about the last five years and it’s turned into quite an obsession. I really loved this show as a kid and would do anything to see it again.

    My email is

    If you can please respond.

  2. MeLiSsA says:


  3. kristin says:

    please tell me where i could get a tape of puttnam’s as well!!! I freakin’ loved that show – i’m very excited right now.

  4. Puttnam's Lyrics Writer says:

    To E!(and with a special shout out to Puttnam’s Daddy – Hey B!)…that’s amazing. I WROTE the freaking lyrics to that theme song and I don’t remember them that well. :) Guess my brain is too busy remembering the theme song to the Hilarious House of Frightenstein, instead. But good to know that a little piece of my past is still out there surviving …like a antibiotic-resistant germ. :) Oh, and as for the question of copies of Puttnam’s, I believe – and I think Puttnam’s Daddy will concur – that the master tapes of the show were toasted years ago (due to the foresight and wisdom of CTV executives, long may they wave). Perhaps some private copies exist somewhere. I think I still have my Caldicot Cat doll around here somewhere… Cheers!

  5. PINWHEEL?? Where can i d/l/ get some episodes..that was my first fav show when i was lil….born in ’78

  6. E! says:

    I know its a couple of years late, but I went through all of my boxes of old VHS tapes and found an old episode of Puttnam’s Prairie Emporium from 1991 (taped in 1993). It’s available from my YouTube channel:


  7. Sleet says:

    Wow. I was just talking about Puttnam’s Prairie Emporium earlier today, with a friend of mine, who unfortunately had never seen the show.. I loved that show as a kid, and I remember some of the time travel episodes, and in particular one where the characters were discussing money, I suppose, and they tried growing a money tree.. I remember how they had to wait for the money to mature, which they gauged by the appearances of the prime ministers, etc. on the faces of the bills.

    It’s one of those shows, I think, where it’s aimed at kids, but they’ve also got this sense of humor hidden in there that you’d only really be able to catch if you were an adult, you know? Sort of like, if anyone here has ever seen the translations of “Samurai Pizza Cats” that were aired on YTV. That was another of my favorite shows, when I was a kid. Anyone else here watch that one?

    ~Sleet (Who is still a little amazed that there are other people out there who remember Puttnam’s.)

  8. Jeremy says:

    Stumbled on this years after posted. I too remember Puttnams. I’ve asked so many people about it and no one remembered it even existing. Was an awesome show. Lots of short running shows totally disappeared and were never heard from again.
    How about the animated show ” gummie bears” no one remembers it either.

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