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It’s… AMAZIN’ Fruit.

It’s Amazin’ Fruit! It’s Amazin’ Fruit! It’s our Amazin’ Fruit! It’s…Amaaaazin’ Fruit. Don’t think anyone was expecting to read 2,000 words about Hershey’s mid-90s gummi bear candies, but there it is and here we are. These fruit-flavored beasts changed the … Continue reading

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Johnson Smith Company.

Here’s X-E’s tribute to the Johnson Smith Company, the world’s leading distributor of joybuzzers, fake shit, whoopee cushions, and magnets capable of THROWING ENTIRE PLANETS OUT OF ORBIT. Well, the commercials page pushed the site to 90 gigs yesterday, which … Continue reading

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I’m working on a tribute to the Johnson Smith Company, a novelty distributor formerly famous for having full-page ads in virtually every old comic book and kiddy magazine in existence. You might remember them better for their recent (and current) … Continue reading

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More 80s Commercials Added!

BECAUSE YOU DEMANDED IT! After months of inactivity and disarray, X-E’s 80s Commercials Downloads Center is back in business, with over thirty new files. I spent an ungodly amount of time sprucing up the index page, so it’s all a … Continue reading

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Fearless Photog Art Contest!

Nathan Bitner’s ‘Fearless Photog’ has quickly risen back to prominence, and why not? The character is interesting, and if the rumors are to be believed, the creator is the most interesting person who has ever lived. With Bitnermania running wild, … Continue reading

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Pac-Man’s Magnetic Maze.

The latest article takes a look at another Pac-Man spinoff, put out by Tomy in 1982. It’s Pac-Man’s Magnetic Maze, which lets you control a Pac-Man magnet on his quest to avoid ghost magnets while collecting fruit magnets. Whole lotta … Continue reading

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Z100’s Zootopia.

HA. Okay, get this – if you live in the tri-state, you might listen to Z100. I don’t, but the woman does, and the mornings have been a constant struggle between stupid Z100 and my choice, Stern. I was too … Continue reading

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Thursday Morning Picture Party.

(click pics to enlarge)

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HEARTBEEPS! The latest article reviews Andy Kaufman’s 1981 flop, where he and Bernadette Peters play robots who fall in love and make robot babies. It really isn’t as bad as some make it out to be, but to say that … Continue reading

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