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The Toys R’ Us Catalog.

I think you’ll like this one – a page-by-page look at the Toys R’ Us ‘Out of this World’ Toy Book, covering He-Man, Centurions, Inhumanoids, She-Ra, Lazer Tag, and a whole lot more. Enjoy. Suck my bandwidth.

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My Pet Monstaaa.

The latest review is of My Pet Monster’s Live-Action Videocassette, a true classic by our standards. I was most pleased to find this tape after years of searching, and it didn’t let me down. I know it’ll be tough for … Continue reading

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Critters 2: The Main Course.

New Article: Remember our old Critters review? Well, here’s one for the sequel. The video has just been sitting here collecting dust for the past few months, much like myself, and I figured now was as good a time as … Continue reading

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Suckerman & Clue.

Hey hey hey. Spent yesterday in the city doing a fun little side project involving taking pictures of street vendors and broken bicycles with a cell phone camera. Hit some of the usual idiot spots in Times Square, namely the … Continue reading

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morning sun.

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The Incredible Hulk’s Incredible Ice Pops.

The incredible hype for the Incredible Hulk rages on with his latest merchandising tie-in — freakin’ fruity freezy-pop FLAVOR-ICE. I was pretty stunned to see his green face stamped on the box, but not too stunned to run away before … Continue reading

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Freddy’s Revenge.

X-E reviews A Nightmare on Elm Street Part II: Freddy’s Revenge – click here!

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Burger King’s ‘Nintendo Superstars’ Toys…

I recently picked up the full set of Burger King’s ‘Nintendo Superstars’ toys, which were given away with their Kid’s Meals a short while back. Fast food chains aren’t exactly noted for their attention to quality with toy giveaways, but … Continue reading

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The latest article is about C.U.T.I.E. figures, Mattel’s attempt to cash in on their more boyish success with the M.U.S.C.L.E. line, which came out in the same year. I had very little to say about these, and it shows. Still, … Continue reading

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Cadbury Creme Eggs.

Cadbury Eggs! The most glorious of all Easter candy, and the only one brought to life by a rabbit who thinks it’s a chicken. It’s the latest X-E tribute, click here to read it! It’s about as comprehensive an article … Continue reading

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