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GBK Coming Sooooon.

Well, I watched Garbage Pail Kids: The Movie. Jesus. JESUS. I don’t even know where to start with this one – it’s just absolutely surreal from start to finish. We’ve seen lots of bad movies on the site, but this … Continue reading

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Harry Potter’s Slime Playset.

New Article Up: Sorry for the short week – it’s been a long week. See, I did the short/long trick. The latest post is all about Harry Potter and his fabulous Slime Chamber Playset, where snakes spit sludge and Harry … Continue reading

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New article up in a bit. If you’re curious about what it’s about, here’s a conversation I had with Mike, The X-E Design Guy. Mike: why do you put slime in the RABBITS EMPTY COCK HOLE Matt: it’s a kangaroo … Continue reading

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Killers From Space

There’s a new movie review up…

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Thrift Store Finds – Volume 65,200,122,033

This edition of Thrift Store Finds will be quick like ninja. I don’t have enough time to give you the complete rundown today, so instead, here’s a picture gallery detailing what we saw and what we bought. My two top … Continue reading

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Presto Magix

In case you missed the three giant links on the main page, there’s a new article up. The Return of the Jedi ‘Presto Magix’ Kit. Enjoy, really! Enjoy!

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Car troubles and inflatable toilets.

Saturday night was no fun. In my failed attempt to adjust to a stick shiftin’ car, I gradually wore down my clutch, finally culminating with me and the woman breaking down at around exit 135 on the Garden State. In … Continue reading

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Archiving Sux.

This week we’re finally getting the site coded, so I’ll be able to get the archives done. Believe it or not, nothing except this blog has been done dynamically since the very early goings, meaning that every article is actually … Continue reading

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The Power Tour!

Here’s the newest article, about the Masters of the Universe ‘Power Tour.’ The pictures are worth 45,000 words each, easy. Don’t blame me if it sucks, I’ve had the flu all week. Ich luge flu.

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