Domino’s Pizza Noid Gallery

Domino’s Pizza Noid Gallery. Click pictures to enlarge. Avoid the Noid.

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11 Responses to Domino’s Pizza Noid Gallery

  1. tripwood says:

    the noids, the california raisins for a less health-interested crowd?

    it’s not like anyone ever liked them.. they were imposed on us and we had to try and avoid them, i wasn’t ready to avoid them and i bet i wasn’t alone! they just didn’t have to rush us like that, jesus.

  2. evin says:

    i remember really liking the noid nintendo game when i was younger.

    good ol days. watch fern gully, play yo noid…

  3. Ubu Rex says:

    The Noid is one of the best mascots of all time.

  4. Ubu Rex says:

    Ooops, didn’t mean to send that just yet.

    I still have the suction cup, car hanging Noid. The charming thing about it was that his nose stuck out so far taht it was constantly rubbing against the window, rubbing off Noid nose paint and pushing the Noid off the glass.

    Also, it only had suction cups on its hands, and these were attached by the weakest glue ever made.

    But I least I had a giant Noid with suction powers to fight GI Joe.

  5. AquaLoco says:

    The noid was fired from domino’s pizza for crude pizza molestation.

  6. Jeremy says:

    What a coincidence. That’s why I was fired from Little Caesar’s.

  7. Night_Trekker says:

    Does anyone else remember the computer game "Avoid The Noid"? I don’t know if it was the same game as the Nintendo Noid title… in any case, I hope I’m the only person that played "it".

  8. HyaenoDonJuan says:

    The Noid was just one of Domino’s many stupid marketing gimicks. Recently, they changed their famous Twisty Bread into (get ready) Bread Sticks. How boring and conformist can you get–my wife won’t let me order form them anymore (not that I want to). And the latest thing with pizza companies–CINNAMON. What the Hell. I have a friend from the UK that can’t understand the North American fixation on cinnamon, and neither can I (except in little candies).

    Damn you Domino’s.

  9. Otaku Queen says:

    Does anyone else think that he looks sort of like the current queen of England wearing a red rabbit costume? Geez, no wonder they’re trying to have the national anthem changed. "God save the queen" my ass…..

  10. SuckerMC says:

    "The noid was fired from domino’s pizza for crude pizza molestation"….Man I LOVE that!

    He really was a mascot for a less PC-era, though. "Noid" obviously was a derivative of "paranoid". You can see by his off kilter eye alignment and ear pulling that the poor guy was clearly a psychiatric patient in need of some meds.

  11. Tutsuro says:

    Man I’d like some of that Noid merch.

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