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Worst. Comic. Ever.

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Predaking & Penny Racers.

The upcoming article is about Takara’s ‘Penny Racers’ cars – little pullback toys that could change direction with the help of coins. Very few of you probably remember these, but I thought there was enough there to warrant a tribute. … Continue reading

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Domino’s Pizza Noid Gallery

Domino’s Pizza Noid Gallery. Click pictures to enlarge. Avoid the Noid.

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World’s Best Boglin!

BAG’O’BONES. (click pictures to enlarge)

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Ultimate Muscle Figures

I found ’em! It took weeks and weeks of calls and pointless side trips and lots of other activities that made me look and feel like a moron, but I found ’em! Just had to share that. Next article should … Continue reading

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Jeez, that Hungry Man Breakfast article grabbed 60,000+ readers over the weekend. I have to admit, I was pretty surprised by the response. I’ve probably gotten more e-mail about this one than anything else I’ve done for the site, and … Continue reading

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Electric Moai

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Prizes or Cash?

I used to participate in these ‘Prizes or Cash!’ things, with terrible results. The idea changed a little bit over the decades, but when I was doing it, your goal was to sell as much lousy overpriced stationary as possible. … Continue reading

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Fortune Teller Miracle Fish

Fortune Teller Miracle Fish promise to reveal your private sexual inclinations in ways no one can understand. In reality, they’re little red fish-shaped pieces of thin plastic that curl up in certain ways depending on the heat source they’re currently … Continue reading

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Hey everyone, hope you all had a fun V-Day. I did – I got a glow-in-the-dark glowing brain toy. Anyway, this was on AOL’s welcome screen today: Holy shit, Maya Angelou = Madame Cleo. I didn’t feel that my life … Continue reading

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