Interview with the star of the Crispy Critters commercial! :O

Rhett Creighton, who starred in the recently-reviewed Crispy Critters commercial as a kid back in ’87, agreed to shoot me an e-mail detailing the experience. If you’re interested in what would go on behind-the-scenes on the set of a cereal commercial, click ‘more’ to read ‘more.’ Big thanks to Rhett for taking the time to do this!

From Rhett:

“Ok, here’s my side of the story:

I was 6 years old and at the audition, with 15 other kids. The casting director came into the waiting room and said he wanted every parent out of that waiting room, and if a parent came into the room to try to help coach their kids, the kid automatically didn’t get the commercial.

After all the parents left, the director came out and said, “ok, all we want you to do is come in here and say ‘indubitably'”. It was a clever plan they had to see how kids would really mispronounce the word. But kid actors are like little parrots. We all went in there and pronounced the word perfectly. So then the director came out and said, “ok we want you to say ‘indubally'[sic]”. I think that a big reason why I got the part is that I was one of the best at parroting back the different varients they could come up with: indubably, indubidbly, etc. See, on the set, if they make a radical change from “indubably” to “indubally”, it can take some 6-year-olds hours to learn the difference, and time is money when everyone on the set is waiting till the kid gets it.

I think there were a few different versions of the commercial. A 60 second, 30 second, and a bit where I put a sticker on some girl’s nose that came as a special prize in the box.

The commercial shoot was something like 14 hours long. With hundreds of takes of me stuffing the cereal in my mouth, there was a guy underneath the table who was holding a cup I could spit it into.

The puppets were amazing. The little animal critters were carved from sponges and operated underneath the tables from puppeteers watching it on a monitor. Between takes, the guys operating the goat and rhino would talk to me through the puppets, voices and all. I think Crispy was the only puppet not carved from a sponge.

I hope that helps. Feel free to distort it in any way that you deem

And there you have it. Anyone who’d like to request Rhett’s autographed 8×10 should probably stop by his site first. Thanks!

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21 Responses to Interview with the star of the Crispy Critters commercial! :O

  1. j durante says:

    cool stuff. not as cool as the last article, though! i liked it enough as i was reading through, but completely lost it at the convo between the kids. and then right after that, AGAIN at your made-up villains. by the time i saw the commercial available for download, i was in love. thanks!

  2. evin says:

    holy crap, what was RHETT? i saw that guy on junkyard wars. he was fucking cool! wow, small world.

  3. Chad says:

    So what’s the story? Is this guy a long time reader of the site, and then saw you did an article about him? That would be so fucking cool to see that Matt did an article about me…

  4. revcc says:

    Just checked the Christian calendar — advent actually extends ALL the way to Christmas, it doesn’t end on the Winter Solstice as you must have assumed.

    Please remember those of us who loyally followed your Playmobil surprises — or should I say, considering the season, Epiphanies.

  5. Draven says:

    Hey bro, on a related subject, tell me if the kid in the background of the Fruit roll up commercial (at the end on the left) is Jason Hervey…….

  6. wack0 says:

    woohoo! Matt, f the advent calender, my attention has turned to these NEW and AWESOME features! Thanks for giving us commercials and posting the e-mail from that critters kid. What a GREAT website. w00t.

  7. Draven says:

    Matt, tis a sad sad day. It seems billy has gotten himself into more trouble than just feeding the gremlins past midnight…

  8. Jeremy says:

    Shoplifting is bad. We all know this. But to shoplift a DEEP PURPLE CD? Dear God, how the (once) mighty have fallen…..

  9. tin man says:

    deep purple rock, man.
    what would be really good would be an interview from one of those hellspawn psycho kids from the motu and tf commercials. that really would rock!

  10. Nemesis says:

    Matt, just read the create-a-villian article. Wasn’t there a MOTU contest as well (albeit to create an action figure), or am I remembering dreams again? I had this idea for a guy made of mud who spewed water out of his orifices (or is it orifi? Is there a plural form?).

  11. She-Man says:

    Here is the winner of the Masters’ create a character contest

  12. wack0 says:

    hey, I think that is Jason Hervey!

  13. asruidet says:

    There have been ome first class articles up recently, well done MAtt. Every now and again there are three or four…less-good articles posted and I wonder if you’re running out of energy for this site, (which would be understandable considering how prolific you are), and then you raise the bar once more, KEEP IT UP!

  14. Casey Jones says:

    Anyone else disturbed by the fact that they said the CD was hidden "somewhere on his person"?

    From Gremlins to a CD up in your crack…

    We need an E! True Hollywood story.

  15. sara says:

    are you taking commercial requests? remember dunkaroos? i’m dying to see that commercial.."how do you dunk youuuuuuuur dunkaroos?!"

  16. Nemesis says:

    Matt, if you’re interested, I have another commercial for the shitty cereal. It’s the puppet giving a press conference. Drop me a line and I’ll send you a copy.

  17. Christine says:

    I thought that was Jason Hervey at first, too, but a closer shot revealed that it’s Chris Young.

  18. Hey guys. I read fark, and saw this posted on fark and was pretty surprised. This site has too much "This page can not be displayed" crap. Anyway, Chris Young had nothing to do with this commercial. I did a Children’s Palace toy commercial with Chris Young though. That’s on my website.

    Yeah, that was me on junkyard wars.

  19. Steve Brandon says:

    God, just imagine how boring it would be for a kid today if they were going to do a commercial with the exact same characters… they’d just do the animals with CG now, so the kid would be eating (and then spitting out) cereal for 14 hours in front of a blue screen. Those smaller puppets really are impressive pieces of work, especially considering they were made to be used just once or twice.

  20. mimitchi33 says:

    Matt did you have any of the Crispy Critters Golden Books as a kid?

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