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Dogs, Ads, and Transforming Shoes

Today’s article is a review of Fisher-Price’s Rocket, The Wonder Dog. If you’ll recall, these things were all the rage a few years back. Now that the smoke has cleared, we can weigh their pros and cons with clearer minds. … Continue reading

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Interview with the star of the Crispy Critters commercial! :O

Rhett Creighton, who starred in the recently-reviewed Crispy Critters commercial as a kid back in ’87, agreed to shoot me an e-mail detailing the experience. If you’re interested in what would go on behind-the-scenes on the set of a cereal … Continue reading

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Some good news

Remember, this Monday the next vault of long-forgotten commercials will be unleashed in the downloads section. I’ve got some incredible ones this time around, including several that were used for past X-E articles. The first batch was cool, but the … Continue reading

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I’m much more the type to be a draft dodger than a good patriot, but this e-mail made me feel pretty nice… — Brian writes: Hey Matt, thanks for running such a great site man. I’m in the Army stationed … Continue reading

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Skeletor & Pee-Wee

New Article: Skeletor goes back to the well, his misadventures this time leading him to a Hell like none other. In the latest X-E post, Skeletor tries to stay sane as he’s held captive in… Pee-Wee’s Playhouse! Also, as a … Continue reading

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Here it is, a little early.

Oh frig it, I have no patience. Here’s the new feature: CLICK HERE.

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THIS MONDAY: Stay tuned, and make sure you visit X-E this Monday for our largest feature EVER. This mystery feature will almost certainly go on to become our most popular offering ever, and if you like the subject matter this … Continue reading

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Thanks for sending this in, Mike!

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Mantis Shrimp Article Feedback

Just a small collection of letters I received in regards to the Mantis Shrimp article, for no real apparent reason. Click ‘more’ to see ‘more’ if you’re the type who likes ‘more’ words.

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