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Ghoulies Movie Memorabilia?!|I

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Christmas Poll Results…

Christmas has come and gone, and I’ll be reverting the main page back to it’s usual blue form in just a little while. I know, I know – I still haven’t finished the advent calendar. I’m up to December 20th … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Eve! Moorgo Foorasti Nassoriab! It’s the 24th, I’ve slacked on the advent calendar, I know. It’s now updated to the 18th, and I’ll be finishing the rest on the few minutes I’ll have tomorrow and on Christmas – … Continue reading

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My Christmas Tree is Fun.

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Ah, the night. The glorious night. Not even our stupid cats are awake. I miss the nighttime. I used to never go to sleep before dawn, and now I’m remembering why I liked it that way so much. If you … Continue reading

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Advent Calendar

The Advent Calendar Christmas Countdown is now completely up-to-date, so go check it out if you need to see more plastic animals and plastic Mare Winninghams. Every year I have such high hopes for the articles I want to do … Continue reading

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Short Update

Hewwo everyone. It’s December 10th – we’re getting mighty close to Christmas. From now until then, expect lots and lots (read: too many) of reviews about all the various cartoon holiday specials I can find. The latest went up today, … Continue reading

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The Dollar Tree’s Surprise Bag

Arrrrgh. I was in Bethlehem most of the weekend, and spent tonight writing an article for the site. As I was rapidly approaching the finishing touches, all the electricity went out. For like one split second, for no readily apparent … Continue reading

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Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Movie Premiere

If you’re wondering why there was no new article yesterday – I was in the city to cover the Lord of the Rings premiere for The Two Towers. Pretty fun all in all, but I’m pretty sure I don’t have … Continue reading

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I got a new Bulbasaur.

New Article: I thought I was lucky to find this one – now I’m not so sure. In 1994, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles found themselves thrown into the most insipid Christmas special ever, complete with a zombified Splinter and … Continue reading

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