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I was a preteen toy dealer. :O|I

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Marvel Secret Wars Activity Book

New Article Up: In 1982, deep in the midst of Marvel Comics’ legendary Secret Wars series, there was one crossover issue that missed the attention of most. Today, the Marvel Secret Wars are brought back to life by this review … Continue reading

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X-E Cryptozoo: The Globster

While I don’t miss the X-E Quickies section terribly much, it did give me the chance to do articles on some topics I’d never get away with as regular main page features. Above all else, I shed a tear for … Continue reading

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Tomorrow’s Thanksgiving. My entire family is getting together, and we all pitch in by bringing one entree. I’ve got to make the stuffed mushrooms this year. I’m toying with the idea of filling one – but just one – of … Continue reading

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Thrift Store Finds II – Christmas Edition Blah.|I

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Little Mac’s Ultra Mega Super Secret Diary…

New article up! Ever wonder what went on inside the twisted mind of Little Mac from Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out? Well, a short time back, I had the chance to buy his diary. After picking up a new scanner today, I’m … Continue reading

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Christmas sucks.

Jesus Christ I’m beat. I hate long weeks. Actually, the week hasn’t been so much long as it’s been, well, odd. For instance, I spent most of the night doing volunteer work for this Alzheimer’s Foundation thrift shop that needed … Continue reading

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The Homemade Beer Kit.

Up Next: Now that we’ve got our snazzy Christmas design up, thanks to Mike who loves Nathan Jones and Paul Wight, it looks like it’s time to start making with the holiday cheer. I was gonna hold off on this … Continue reading

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The Greatest Cereal Premium Ever

Well, the TMNT episode review is up, and I pretty much hate it. I’ve rarely liked an article that I couldn’t do in one sitting, and because of a crazy busy weekend, I had to do this one in slices … Continue reading

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Reader Mail, Volume 2023020

Click ‘more’ to see the latest batch of reader mail, with the topics ranging on everything from the Incredible Hulk to potatoes. On deck is an episode review of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – it’s actually one I already reviewed, … Continue reading

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