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It’s 7 AM, Sunday. I’m pretty sure I need to write an article today; unfortunately, I also have to wash 47,000 dishes and pack 55,000 X-E Mystery Boxes. Yesterday I hit the thrifts and found a couple of decent things … Continue reading

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Evil Dead Prequel

New Article Up: Within The Woods Movie Review. It’s the prequel to The Evil Dead, sort of. I’ve heard about this one for years. A friend of mine popped by with it the other day, and considering the season, seemed … Continue reading

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Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets

I’m still not linking this section, but I’ll make an entry in case today becomes that special day. Still working out the kinks here – the other pages aren’t in this nice layout yet, and they look too crappy to … Continue reading

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More Reader Mail.

Four quick questions, four fast answers. Click ‘read more’ for an onslaught of short reader comments and questions sent my way, with responses. They’re fun and fabulous.

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Food Fighters.

Adam Wolverine asked: “You have a really cool site and i look at it a lot. It’s really funny. I particularly like all the posts on the old WWF stuff before it went down the toilet. Anyway, I was just … Continue reading

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More information on C-3P0’s cereal.

More on C-3P0s cereal: X-E reader Eric Wilson sent this in: “Loved the column on C3P0s cereal, really brings back a lot of memories. More importantly, it helped me remember the origin of the cereal they put in the box. … Continue reading

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Saturday Supercade

New Article: What happens when you throw Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., Q*Bert, Mario, Pitfall Harry, and Frogger onto one show? Not much, but it’s strangely kinky. Saturday Supercade was the ultimate video game cartoon, narrowly beating out luminaries like … Continue reading

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Welcome. I hope you like the color gray.

I’ve been meaning to add one of these for a while, finally got around to it. I guess I can’t deny calling it a ‘blog,’ but I’m not really adding it to keep you abreast on what I ate for … Continue reading

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Okay, I admit it, I liked this movie. You won’t, though. You’ve really gotta be a big fan of the Ghoulies flicks to appreciate this one, and as far as I can tell, I’m the only person alive who likes … Continue reading

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