(We're all finished! See you in 2004!) Count down the days till Halloween with X-Entertainment! On each morning between now and the special day, I'll be showing you a new Halloween-themed piece of crap! How about that? We're talking candy, toys, costumes, limbs -- you name it, you'll see it. Check back every damn day till All Hallows Eve for more spooky fun.

OCTOBER 31th, 2003
Happy Halloween, everyone! Hope you enjoyed the 2003 Season Countdown!
OCTOBER 30th, 2003
Well I'll be. Even Ziploc bags are capable of becoming engulfed with the Halloween spirit.
OCTOBER 29th, 2003
"Kooky Cocoa Krispies" -- the only cereal that could give Count Chocula a run for his money.
OCTOBER 28th, 2003
Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees and Leatherface debate which one of them is the best slasher icon. Who will take the gold?
OCTOBER 27th, 2003
Here's a tribute to one of the lost great toylines of the 90s, "Little Dracula." Commercial download included!
OCTOBER 26th, 2003
Ghostbusters Cereal became more spooky than ever with the addition of Slimer-shaped marshmallows and a glow in the dark box.
OCTOBER 25th, 2003
The Mummy Returns. Not the movie. I meant it literally. The Mummy's returned...as candy!
OCTOBER 24th, 2003
What's Halloween without a plastic spider ring on your finger? A crappy Halloween, that's what.
OCTOBER 23rd, 2003
A Spooky Conversation? Yes, that's what it is. A Spooky Conversation. That's all it is.
OCTOBER 22nd, 2003
Oh boy, I think I just found my new Favorite Thing Ever. "Minty Mouth Blood" -- a test tube full of stage blood that tastes like toothpaste!
OCTOBER 21st, 2003
Hey, here's the "Bloody Blade." See, the knife is full of this red liquid, and it's supposed to be blood, and it gushes all around and stuff. What do you think?
OCTOBER 20th, 2003
"Pet Tarantula" Gummy Candies. Whether you collect them, eat them, or collect and eat them, they're the scariest gummies on the planet. And I'm not just saying that.
OCTOBER 19th, 2003
The Horror of Dracula. The shocking truth. Revealed.
OCTOBER 18th, 2003
A look back at Burger King's best spooky giveaway toys, the Universal Monsters figures! Down for the Count Dracula?
OCTOBER 17th, 2003
"Mark of the Devil," a 1970 horror movie, was so "terrifying" that audiences were handed barf bags before entering the theater. Believe it or not?
OCTOBER 16th, 2003
Finally, a tribute to Wax Lips. You remember Wax Lips. You used to eat them all the time.
OCTOBER 15th, 2003
As an esteemed comic artist, I thought I'd show you a bit of my creative process. Here's the progression of my latest hit, "Bleeding Head Man."
OCTOBER 14th, 2003
It's the battle of the Halloween pumpkin candies -- Hershey's, Reese's and Snickers all vie for the crown in the creepiest tasty war you'll ever witness.
OCTOBER 13th, 2003
Ready to see the best lollipop in history? Here's Charms' "Dead Heads," the skeleton pops that stain your tongues red with their blood. What more could you ask for?
OCTOBER 12th, 2003
Watch with intrigue as I become progressively less interested in writing about this "Halloween Party Pack," a kit that mixes foam ghosts with dancing paper skeletons. Look! Meaningless letters: sskjdjsjdjsdjsjk.
OCTOBER 11th, 2003
Gummy Candy Corn? Unmentionable triangles soaked in coconut oil? If it looks like a bad idea and it smells like a bad idea...
OCTOBER 10th, 2003
Dunkin Donuts unveils their Halloween concession: a glow-in-the-dark pail full of haunted Munchkins! Pumpkin donuts, too!
OCTOBER 9th, 2003
Crayola hops aboard the Halloween train with trick-or-treat sized baggies of crayons -- in new spooky colors. The new best crayon ever is "Glowing Eyes Yellow." Remember that.
OCTOBER 8th, 2003
Even the Kool-Aid Man knows how to get down with the devil -- here's my tribute to Ghoul-Aid! (with a recipe, oh yes a recipe)
OCTOBER 7th, 2003
With the help of the Halloween spirit and some chocolate, even pears can be exciting! Learn how to make sinister ghost pears...
OCTOBER 6th, 2003
Okay, I can admit it. Little black bags full of Halloween pretzels get me way too excited. I still say it's justified, though.
OCTOBER 5th, 2003
Check out these vaguely spooky "Sprinkl'ins" yogurt packs from Dannon -- with mystery sprinkles! And free stickers! For Halloween!
OCTOBER 4th, 2003
A "Choose Your Own Adventure" style story that lets you choose the fate of "Billy," a poor boy trapped in a hideously haunted and horrible castle. Tread carefully.
OCTOBER 3rd, 2003
The Dracula Ring -- a gaudy, plastic, poorly made piece of crap alleged to have hypnotic powers. Every cloud has a silver lining. Every vampire has an ugly ring.
OCTOBER 2nd, 2003
With three bucks and malicious intent, you too can own a "Bottle of Blood!" A whole big red pint of it! Stains the shit out of your skin, too. :D
OCTOBER 1st, 2003
A new month, a new horror. "Trick or Treat" Bubble Tape is six feet worth of chewable Hell. Bonus: it tastes like black raspberries.
SEPTEMBER 30th, 2003
Nabisco heads to the dark side and unleashes a new terror on society: Halloween Oreos, with orange creme filling!
SEPTEMBER 29th, 2003
Marshmallow Peeps presents "Cocoa Bats" -- the gigantic creatures sure to become one of Halloween's most beloved treats.
SEPTEMBER 28th, 2003
Kid Cuisine presents the "Haunted Halloween Meal," where chickens are shaped like bats and apple sauce turns green.
SEPTEMBER 27th, 2003
A Halloween Brainteaser! Test your wits with the most puzzling puzzle in the history of puzzles.
SEPTEMBER 26th, 2003
Spooky Hostess Cakes? Check out these decisively in-season offerings, including "Glo Balls" and cupcakes colored extremely orange.
SEPTEMBER 25th, 2003
Dracula tells a joke in this postively stunning comic strip. Really.
SEPTEMBER 24th, 2003
Fake spider webs are probably the most common Halloween decoration of all. They're pretty good costumes, too.
SEPTEMBER 23rd, 2003
Taking a trip back to 1978 to revisit Mattel's greatest contribution to the illustrious world of toy rubber bats: Gre-Gory!
SEPTEMBER 22nd, 2003
Bring horror to the breakfast table with Kellogg's "Freaky Froot Loops." It's the only cereal that could get Toucan Sam to dress up like Dracula.
SEPTEMBER 21st, 2003
How about some nice "Oozeified Body Parts?" An ear, a finger..in slime? Sound good? Come on. The slime's red! Like blood!
SEPTEMBER 20th, 2003
Halloween is the season where you're allowed to play with all sorts of eyeballs. In this case, ones that stick and ones that slime.
SEPTEMBER 19th, 2003
Let's have loads of sinister fun shoving popcorn into dye gloves with the "Hand Shaped Treat Kit." They came with twist-ties!
SEPTEMBER 18th, 2003
It's been a long time since I've chewed on a blood capsule, so what the hey. Oh, there's the "hey" -- they taste like shit.